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[Chat(iOS)] New update

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Posted on 6/20/17 12:19:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I had managed to gain enough shards to create a dragon heart which I created before the maintenance and since the update for iOS I lost the dragon heart and only have 3 shards.... anyone having similar problems??

Posted on 6/20/17 1:07:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You could say that. I lost an enlightment level.
Some of the progress some of us made the day of the big disaster was deleted but the resources are not back. Many people are affected by it.

This is from COL2 Facebook:

"Dear Clashers,
Due to an unfortunate power outage on June 18th, our connections went down and an urgent maintenance was held on the same day to fix the connection issues. After an extended period of time, our servers are live again. Unfortunately, a portion of players lost several items during the maintenance, including their base, Heroes, Equipment, Glyphs, Items, Evolution Levels, Enlightenment Levels, Enchant Levels, etc.
We have worked on this immediately and have restored all affected accounts on June 20th. We have performed a rollback to these affected accounts to their last saved states before the power outage on June 18th. If you notice any other losses or anomalies in your accounts, please contact us and we will assist you immediately. Thank you for your understanding and support!
1. If you can't connect to the Live Support or Service Center, please contact our support team via email:
2. If your account is affected by the rollback, you'll receive 1,000 Jewels, 20 Coral EXP Eggs, and 2,500 Ancient Spirit Shards as compensation. This compensation is only for players who had missing base and Heroes after the urgent maintenance on June 18th."

You should go to the service centre and submit a ticket and wait for a solution. It may take a lot of time since hundreds of players to say the least were affected. They rolled back the version and erased our progress but still didn´t quite fix the connection problems of some people. All I can say is that we have to be patient.

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Posted on 6/20/17 1:37:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am still getting messages from everywhere, but all having different stories considering this rollback

Some got back their heroes and base, some didn't.
I personally lost the progress made in the last 2 days and yet I still have the resources from when I claimed them from the compensations. With progress loss I mean timers resetting, however all my resources are still intact. But again, some people experience more of a setback than others do. Stay tuned!

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