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[Chat(iOS)] the good and the bad

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Posted on 5/26/17 6:33:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello all of you,
I would like to share my opinion on some of the strong parts of the game and on some of the bad parts too.

Clash of Lords 2 is a really good game and it's fun to play. But as probably everything, it has some strenghts and weaknesses. Generaly speaking, weak sides are usualy just not refreshed. And instead of focusing on bringing up new heroes every two update, I think IGG should really focus more on what is working and what isn't.

I would like to start of with the weaknesses:
1) Campaign clash
This mode is really outdated. The concept works fine, but the stages, rewards and items in mystic shop are waaay out of date. I think that making this mode a bit longer with higher challenge enemy would be more fun to play and also would give space to mystic shop to bring up higher rarity items like evolution essences. I also think that skills upgraded in the structure should be also renewed. This overhaul of the mode would be (at least for me) much appreciated.

2) Daily login rewards
Everyone take it, yet it gives you mostly Djinni shards, which nobody needs. This featute is really good on keeping the players logging in the game everyday. Yet, the rewards are quite outdated. Instead of Djinni shards, you could give for example 2 500 ancient spirit shards for the whole month.

3) Limited Time Trading
Okay, I understand this is the theme in the fight since IGG give us basicaly 3k jewels per week for free. But LTT was working before too and we were getting 5k jewels + spending events. This time probably won't ever come back, but please, IGG. Change the LTT from 15k to 20k again.

Now the strong sides:
1) I really like coliseum and it's rewards. For me, it's one of the best mode in the game. PvP also isn't only about who have spent more.

2) Refreshed hero trials
An awesome mode, great rewards thru chests, trial tokens. The ranking system is just great.

3) Guild United
Even tho GU is sometimes hard, it's really a nice new feature to the game. I like the competetion, concept and gameplay of it. Only the rewards for completing each quest could be better.

Okay so this is what I think about the good and the bad of the game. Let me know your opinion and happy clashing!


Posted on 6/23/17 5:28:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting. Coliseum is my pet-hate of the game.

I like this game so much I have three accounts at different levels of progression.

My oldest account finds Coliseum extremely hard. I typically only get as far as 1500 points before all my battles end up as draws, sometimes with not a single hero being killed on either side.

My second account sits in between the first and third.

My third account breezes through Coliseum with maybe 1 or 2 losses total, and most wins within 1 minute with maybe 1 or 2 hero deaths for most of those wins.

This is surely a matchmaking system problem.

As for your other points: GU is great because it encourages teamplay in a guild. Hero trials are good because the ranking system works. Yes, there are some outdated modes, but these are essential for any new players to progress.

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