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[Guild] How to search for and join a guild.

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Posted on 4/27/14 3:42:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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A quick guide on how to join a guild.

I noticed quite a few people were having a hard time finding guilds from the forum so here's a quick guide for new comers to show you how you do it!

Step 1:
Open your guild chat and click on the magnifying glass.

Step 2:
Click the search button to the right.

Step 3:
Type in the first few letters of the guild you're looking for(in this case RIP CORPS). Click the search button next to the text field. Scroll to find the guild on the list and click on it.

***NOTE*** Not all guilds, especially those with spaces in their name, will show up if you type in the full name. I found the best way to search was to use the first few letters of the guild name then scroll down to find them on the list.
Also remember there can be duplicate and copycat guilds so be sure to check the member list to make sure you're joining the right one!

Step 4:
Click the join button to apply to your new guild!

Hope this helps clear some things up!