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[Guide] [guide] guild clash for begginer

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Posted on 4/15/15 11:30:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Igg id : 225 555 644
Platform : android
Ign : poker

Guild clash is one of best feature of the game where you can gather some good stuff if your guild win the battle vs others guild.your guild has to work as a team by using all their 3x attack chances every battle.the no.of participants and ranking of the guild has also a big impact on this matter why?the more members who participates the more the chest your guild can win and the higher the ranks of your guild the higher the level of the chest.

How to join in guild clash?? your town hall must be atleast level 5!just click the house guild building then hit the guild clash after that you must see the (join guild clash) button.
note : at the upper right side button you can see ( ? ) that button to view the the "information"that you need about guild clash such as the rules,formation editing,time,reward system.

Below are the example screen shots where you must read first to understand how's the guild war going.

Formation editing : i will add some explanation here that does not in the must be leader or elder to edit the formation.every fort of the map will increase the atk and hp your formation.the nearest to center the higher the atk and hp.but the nearest to center the more the points that enemy can get so the strongest member  must be at the central fort so the enemy will have  a hard time to get the highest addtion to that if your central port is destroyed the atk of all remaining members will decrease.

Reward system : the most awesome part of guild clash. this is divided to 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th placer.offcourse the best placer has more chest and better rewards can can win GEMS,RINGS,SOULS,SHARDS,EGGS AND GOLD When you claim the can use this resources to evolve,level your heroes skills and mercenaries.this resources is what you need in your entire career in col2.

CHARIOT : this Thing will help you in every guild clash battle  and it has devine, active and passive skills.
Devine skill : "devine infinity "increase allied heroes dmg dealt by 10% and increase rage for 15 sec. Its is very usefull if you have a heroes with low cool down such as sapphyrx,blits bomber,shining wizard,savage chief,hydrosaur.
Active skill: "aerolite storm" (deals 300%atk)dmg to multiple enemies near and stunning then for 3 sec.
Passive skill :" morale surge" increase atk of allied heroes unit by 10% and restores 1%hp every second.

You can also help your guild chariot to level up to make a benefit for everyone by donating gold or gem.just click the chariot button then hit the hero icon at the right starts in 100k gold or 100 gem then 200k or 200 gems and so on..when you reach the full bar on lower side you can also claim a chest with good rewards by helping your chariot to level up.
Below are the sample screen shots that may help you to understand guild clash.
Hope it will help you as a begginer happy clashing! ;)