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[Guide] Guide to building a great Base design for town hall level 11

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Posted on 11/16/14 12:11:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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[size=12.727272033691406px]My guide is on my base design. On this guide i will show you how to make the best design (in my opinion) for a level 11 town hall. I certainly recommended that you level up all your defenses properly, especially your hero bases. The idea of my base is to spread the oppositions heroes/troops as much as possible. So i would suggest making an enclosed base with a few defenses or buildings outsj ide the enclosed structure. The buildings should be in close alignment with each other, while being evenly spread out. You should NOT place any buildings towards the corners, as doing so would result in the opposition easily placing a hero in the corner destroying your corner buildings, gaining energy to do their specials, and your own heroes onot being able to notice them and they would stay idle. You should proportionately place your most powerful defenses inside the enclosed walls. Most importantly i recommend placing your heroes inside the enclosed walls as well. Using this tactic its very important to understand the importance of patience leveling up your walls will take a long time but it's essentially worth it. You would have to build (in my case) a square/rectangle. The rectangle would contain 3 layers on each side. The left and right side should contain 3 layers of  23 walls and the top and bottom should contain 3 layers of 28 walls. This would make entering very difficult for ground units. In consequence your base would be less intimadating to air unit users. So the another important Fact to remember is leveling up your air units allot. Thanks for your time and all though my base isnt anywhere near where i should have it, here is a good idea of how your base should look like if you follow my plan.

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I think this design is not much useful.. Bcoz once attackers hero's enter from one side, no walls are there to stop them.. And your pan goli position. Most of the players will attack from that side only.. And try to kill ur goli 1st.

Posted on 11/17/14 7:42:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

thats the whole point lol. i want them to go directly from the back to try to kill my pan 9 (I have 4 pan aids), that way they cant charge their special bar.