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[Guide] [COL2Strategy] Fast Hero Leveling

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One of the easiest and first things you should do is the daily quests/goals. If you 3 star 5 opponents at the least each day, you should be able to level up your heroes steadily already, and with the exp card rewards, it's even easier. Also when you start off, you will get a city treaty trial which you can get a coral exp egg from. Use it on a good epic you  have, or save it for later once you manage to get a good epic.

Another great way to level up your heroes is through the arena. Keep refreshing until you find an opponent you can beat. Every 2 weeks you can get more rewards. From getting to certain ranks, you can claim exp cards as rewards. This is a great help as I managed to level my dark rider to level 50 and other heroes to high levels as well using one of the rewards, which was 15 epic exp cards.

Another great place to get some exp is the lords league, the chests from the lords league generally give you exp cards so you'll find you can level up your heroes a lot from this.

By doing dungeons you may also pick up a few exp cards from the chests, as you go through the dungeons, the chests will give you greater rewards, and you can get more exp.

After you have gone through all these, one of the last things you can do is raiding, if you keep raiding you'll accumulate many exp cards and other heroes which you can fuse to your main heroes to gain exp. Though it may take some grinding, raiding can actually be the best way to level up your heroes as you can raid as many times as you want.

Thank you for reading my guide, and good luck on your COL2 journey. :D

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What is mutagen

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thanks bro, but why when we do dungeon must on limit at 5? and waiting around 2 hours for 1 dungeon..