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[Guide] [COL2 Strategy] Hero leveling Tips "For Beginners"

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Posted on 7/3/14 6:32:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Here i will show you the best Hero for me on my 1st trial for this game.. ayt lets see.. .

We are need epic for the first but it's very too difficult to obtain a epic hero unless you spend jewels and you will wait until 28days of playing so that the Hero's for me when i begun this game is this. . ..

First of all we need to upgrade the Town Hall to LVL 6 to obtain 5 hero hall just make level 1, then these hero can obtain by hero raids, solo campain we all know that dragon rider is hard to get in free hero and also the armored villian but we have a best luck :victory: i got also these here for free take note :lol.

Then this 5 Hero for me is good and nice... why?? look the hero's glory they have only few to upgrade not like epic's need more and hard to obtain also the skills count range to skill better 3 of this hero can skill a cost of 3 range :P and the two are quite support buff for mechanoid and Head Hunter. hope this tips will help for the beginers we all know top players what we should do so take some time to share your knowladge :victory: :victory:

Posted on 7/3/14 6:43:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i forgot my

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