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[Guide] [COL2Strategy] ninja moves

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IGN: onetamad
IGG ID:147 969 732
Version: Andorid

Put 1 hero in front and attack at the back.If you see that you can enter in the main base.put all the hero inside the base.Sometimes I kill first all his/her hero before his/her base.Side attack is better when there is no walls to defend the base.Its better to put the tough hero first to attack and the long range hero at the back.
I also save the energy before you unlish to the hero that is hard to kill.Save gem, money for the hero and skill you want to improve more.
While designing your castle you need to make sure that the buildings and other towers you're building are close to each other.My base are in the middle position including sniper tower,magic tower, etc... so it will not destroy when sombody attack.You need to take care of this thing and don't take it light.And its more easier to attack low level,sometimes its more easy to attack low levels.Find low level..