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[Guide] [Guide] Simple attack Guide

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IGG ID: 126 932 697

I'm no expert at this game so if anyone spots any mistake, pointing them out in the comments would be greatly appreciated :)




Anyone that needs explanation on what gold does... please .. just... leave this page and go to sleep

Used to speed up building construction time, refilling of gold vaults, doing gacha gacha rolls on epic heros(Rarely but surely)

Ways to get it: -Buying it (With COLD HARD CASH)
                        -Treasure chest (Dugeons ONLY)
                        -Forum Events (Like this one)
                        -In game Events (Upper right in game, book with magnifying glass)
                        -Quest (Bottom left in game, pixie chick)
And the easiest free way,
                        -Daily Book-in (It's under In game Events)
                        -Tapjoy's offers (It's under In game Events)

Tapjoy dosen't give much jewels but c'mon it's free XD

Used to upgrade hero skill / Buy more heros
Used to increase Mercenary level

Tapping on ATTACK at the bottom right allows you to select 3 game modes
To simplfy it, each of these game mades allow you to kick ass and destroy other player's prized creation

DUNGEON - Kick the overlord IA's ass and steal their Mugs
LORDS LEAGUE - Kick other player's ass and steal their trophies
RESOURCE RAID - Destroy and pillage other player's village. Steal their gold, murder their family

Simple yeah?

Now, lets look the the type of resources you can get through attacking others.

DUNGEON - Gold (Not much but better then nothing)
                   - Treasure Chests (Better rewards as you progress)
                   - Mugs
Treasure Chests are given out upon victory in ALL 3 GAME MODES
A maximum of 3 treasure chest can be salvaged upon meeting each of the following requirement:
-Dealing 50% damage on your opponent's base, leaving them half dead, half alive
-Total destruction of the town hall (Heartshot the village)
-Going ARMAGEDDON on your opponent, leave NOTHING standing

In dungeons, treasure chest rewards are (As far as i know) :
-EXP Cards (AKA EXP Egg)
-Souls (Less but decent)
-Gold (Unconfirmed)
Mugs...Mugs as rewards for destroying a village...

Me showing off my big brown mugs
Mugs can be used at ~The Cat's Meow~ and ~Dancing Dragons~

~The Cat's Meow~
Trade a mug for 10 rings

According to the blue haired hermit chick,
Paying 150 jewels allows you to play a game of rock-paper-scissors with the increase of multiplier as a reward
The multiplier will reset back to 1 for every mug used

~Dancing Dragons~
Trade a mug for 1000 souls (Life would be so much easier if we can have 1000 rings for each mug)

Probably does the same thing as the rings :/

You have to score 3 STARS to get the mug, souls and exp.
If you did not score 3 stars, you will still get treasure chests accordingly to your damage report.

LORDS LEAGUE - Souls (Sucked fresh from your opponent's virgin body)
                            - Glory Trophies (Souls weren't enough. Need something concrete to gloat)
                            - Treasure Chest that more or less only give Exp Eggs and gold

-Try to use up ALL 10 chances of lords league
-DO NOT to reassign your match up
-Fight them even if you lose
-Remind yourself that you are a noob and will probably lose your trophies to someone else anyway
-Realise that even if you lose you can still get souls
-Remember that souls now = good and trophies = easily obtained when you become pro
-Get wasted in the league

But guys seriously
Try to use all 10 tries

Trophies are used to compete with other players
Simply put,


So yeah,
It does nothing BUT!

The more trophies you have, the higher your ranking
The higher you ranking, the more souls you can get

Yup :)
Another reason to trash people on lords league

RESOURCE RAID - Treasure chest
                               - Gold (In a game, money is god)

In resource raids, treasure chest rewards are (As far as i know) :
-EXP Cards (AKA EXP Egg)
-Gold (Amount gained is according to your townhall level)

-Always be upgrading something
Attack for resource only when you're attacking players

My Personal Loot and Run Strategy
Okok people are gonna hate this. But if your base is good you won't need to worry since it mostly work on a hacker's base, people that have already quited, or people that needs to pull up your teletubbies socks before I hit you with this strategy again

Simply put, raid with heros that attack resources first (Snifferoos and Battle Beetle)
Make sure all heros are low level. Being low level, they have lower respawn time so even if they died heroiclly in battle,
they will come back to life a few seconds after the battle ends and you can ship them off to their death again

See where this is going?
Find any poorly guarded base and sock em. Simple as that

It dosen't matter if you can't score a single star, this method if for speed gold farming only
Do have the courtesy to at least try to give the person you raped a shield.
Drop his townhall or something
Unless you are weak like me... Wiped out after looting the gold... Sorry stranger T.T

Soon enough, you'll be rolling in gold

Trampled over others

Build walls
Build towers
Build what ever you want
This is a newbie guide, not a Let me teach you how to make the perfect base according to your townhall level  guide
However, I do have some tips to offer

-Always keep your builders busy
In this game, purchase of walls and upgrading them does not need a free builder. (Hopefully not a bug)

-Prioritise the purchase of builder's shack, make sure you have 5 builders before "rolling" for heros
Seriously... Having good heros does make attacking easier but having no builders is a nightmare
If you gamble for heros before securing enough builders it's gonna take ages to build anything (And you won't want that)
-Keep gold vaults in the middle of the map and protect them at all cost
Keep your golden balls safely tucked in yeah. Putting them outside is like a gold buffet for other players

-DO NOT upgrade all your defence towers at the same time.
Leave at least half of them active so that you can at least put up a decent fight
-Upgrade your walls
"You don't say"
but dammit low level walls are about as useless as air you players with wooden wall should do something

(High level heros break em easy)

~Optional tip/advice~
Take it or leave it but I really think gold mines are useless.
Max your defence/vault/townhall/likeeverythingthingelsebutmines then come back to upgrade it.
Use mines at meat shields until then

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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good game

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