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[Guide] [Guide] How to Succeed in COL2 and Optimize Your Gameplay!

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General Ways to Improve your Base's Defense

-Make your defenses top priority when it comes to upgrading your buildings.

Mortar > Sniper Tower > Air Defense > Magic Tower > Cannon > Ermah Guard > Reaper

-Do not rush and level up your Town Hall.  The higher level your Town Hall, the more resources raiders can steal from you.  Rushing your Town Hall will only hurt you in the long-run.  You will not be able to retain your resources.

-Spread out your Gold Mines.  If your opponent has nifflers, they will spend their time running around the map instead of tearing through all of them at one.

-Make sure you place your air defenses carefully.  Do not give an easy opportunity for a few witches to 100%your base.

-When it comes to placing walls, do not resort to a box.  The purpose of your walls is to slow your enemy down.  Section out your base and only place buildings with a high priority inside.

-Gold Mines  are not as important as you think they are.  They do hold your resources, but they do not compare even close to vaults; however, they are perfect decoys when it comes to nifflers.  Placing a few inside of your base is not a bad idea.  This way, nifflers will waste their time attacking your walls.

Farmer's Guide

What is a farmer?

A farmer focuses solely on gaining and retaining resources.  Farmers use their Town Hall as meat shields because they do not care about their trophy count.  They do not upgrade their Town Hall unless all of their buildings and walls are maxed out.  This guarantees them more bang for their buck when it comes to defending against raiders and raiding.

-Use your Town Hall as a meat shield.  Out of all the buildings in Clash of Lords, the Town Hall usually has the most health.  Raiders tend to go straight for it, as it is an easy win.  Be prepared for this!  Make sure your defenses can reach your Town Hall, since this is usually where the battle begins.

-Use shields to their full potential.  For example, say you have sufficient resources with a shield up.  If all of your builders are being used but you have a 4 hour wait until your next building is done upgrading consider waiting the 4hours.  Sometimes waiting is better than breaking your shield and getting raided for half of your resources.

Priorities for a farmer when it comes to defending your base:

Gold Vault > Base Defenses > Whatever is left

Raider's/Hybrid's Guide

What is a Raider/Hybrid?

A raider, also known as a trophy hunter, focuses on a high trophy count.  Hybrids tend to be your average player.  They care about their trophy count and at the same time try to retain resources.

-Priorities for a Raider/Hybrid when it comes to defending your base:

Town Hall > Gold Vault > Base Defenses > Whatever is left

Things to Know

-Corner bases are not effective.  Raiders are able to spawn units on the sides and corners of the map.

-Your Town Hall and trophies play a role in the opponent you find in a raid.

-Sniper Towers, Magic Towers, Ermah Guards, and Reapers will defend against air targets.

-Cannons and Mortars do not attack air units.

-Plan your upgrades.  If you have a lot of resources, knock out an upgrade that is very expensive.  This way you aren't stuck trying to gain resources all day with a free builder.

-Set goals and know what you're going after.  Do you want a high trophy count, a lot of resources, maxed buildings?  Find out what you want and adapt your play style to benefit yourself to achieving your goal.

Main Source of the Guide. Majority of the credits goes to this guy: ... 4183&extra=page%3D1

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