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[Guide] [Guide] Building a proper base

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Building a proper base is most important aspect in this game . If your base is not properly made your opponents will run through your walls into town hall easily. Well obviously there is no baae that can defend off all attacks. Obly thing you xan do is do a base that gives good resistance with your available resouces.

Town hall is the most vital building in your base if opponent takes your town hall he has won the battle. So always keep the townhall in the centre of your base where it could be well protected by defence. Upgrading town hall has also vital importance. The level of your town hall determines your quality of defence as you get better defence equipments and upgrades for every new level. Keeping your heros near the town hall helps during attack.
Tips for placing defence structures :
Keeping your whole base centralised is always good , that way enemy heroes wont be able to increase their rage before starting the attack.

Surround your base with wall. Walless base is simply defenceless.

Cannons and sniper towers should be placed not too far away from townhall as they dont have a long range.

When you click a defence structure you can see its shooting range .

Mortars are powerful wepons and has a very log rangebut they are useless against air born enemies and fighting close range so place them near the centre of base than near the edges.

Always keep upgrading your defences it increases their attack and hp.

Air defense are only capable of attacking enemies in the air so its not safe to keep them outside or just near wall without protection as a ground enemy can destroy it without any resistance.
There are plenty of other defences available in game like magic tower , ermag guard and reaper which will come available only after your townhall reaches level 6 or so

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