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[News] Wanted: Game Broadcasters!

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Posted on 6/16/17 3:10:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Have you ever dreamed of performing live? Do you have incredible skills and superpowers that you want to showcase? Or are you simply passionate about meeting and spending time with gamers from all over the world? Well, here’s your chance! WeGamers, IGG's first social streaming app, is looking for live broadcasters!

Job Title: Contract Broadcaster

Job Type: Part-time

Job Requirements:
1. Able to communicate in English
2. Available 7-21 hours a week
3. Be friendly, out-going, and articulate
4. Applicants with broadcast experience and a subscriber base will be preferred 

All applicants should only broadcast IGG games, namely Lords MobileCastle Clash and Clash of Lords 2. Applicants must also prepare a 30-minute test broadcast on WeLive.

Equipment required:
1. Internet upload speed of at least 1Mbps
2. Computer: Intel core i5 dual core 2.2GHz + 8G RAM + Windows 10 or Mac
Mobile phone: iPhone 5s or Android 5.0 or better
3. Webcam: Logitech C920 (Optional)
4. Microphone: USB microphone (Optional)

Salary: (Paid monthly in USD via Paypal)
1. Basic hourly salary according to activity, popularity, and quality of broadcasts
2. Presents from viewers
3. Monthly in-game Gems valued at $100-$200 (one IGG game)

1.Click on the link  to sign up. We will contact you within five business days if you meet our qualifications.
2. Selected broadcasters will sign a contract with IGG, and it will detail all the rights and obligations of the broadcaster.
3. Salary will be issued according to the performance of the broadcaster.
4. If the contents of the contract differ from the descriptions on this page, the contract shall prevail.
5. WeGamers official recruitment E-mail:
6. IGG reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

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