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[News] Clash of Lords 2 Amazon - EN Update (May 12th) [Version 1.0.161]

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Aye Lords! We'll be updating Clash of Lords 2 on May 12th EST (GMT-5). The game will be down for maintenance at around 01:00am and for 2 hours. Please note that several features won't be available until the latest update launches. Update Clash of Lords 2 and we'll send 300 Jewels to your in-game mailbox for free! Happy clashing!

Version 1.0.161 Updates:
New Feature: 
1. A new hero, Ravager, joins the clash!
2. New item added, Monthly Enlightenment Pack.
3. New Battle Square Features:
a) New Battle Mall added.
b) Added a separate Equipment Formation.
c) New Research to boost your Reserve Heroes' base HP and ATK.

1. Battle Square:
a) Added a button to modify the sequence of your Heroes formation.
b) Optimized the matchmaking system.
c) You’ll always start your attacks from the bottom of the map.
2. Guild Clash:
a) Increased the HP and ATK bonuses granted by forts.

Note: Battle reports and mailboxes will be cleared during the update. Be sure to claim any lingering rewards!

Where there is a will, there is a way.
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