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Posted on 5/21/17 7:41:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just don't get the point structure.  The way it's tiered it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to move up above 4500 level.  I lose, I lose 35+'s really hard to win 2 in a row, but it's VERY easy to lose 2 in a row, basically it's a waste of time right now.  It's even worse in my sons account, he managed to get to 4000 with a level 60 account with only 1 pisces character...but now after the update he's facing people with enlightened 200 level players, it makes ZERo sense, so he invevitabley loses 4-5 in a row for every win now.  So all he's doing now is playing unranked as to not move down even more.  He just lost 7 in a row and his strategy isn't bad, it's just that he's facing people way way too powerful, something is wrong with the algorithm.  A level 60 without ANY englightened characters shoulden't be facing a team full of 180+ englightened heros.

Posted on 6/12/17 10:35:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Could you allow me to remove Battle Chests from Treasure slots in Battle Square without jewels spending?