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Posted on 3/6/17 6:04:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

That is a great idea...."When Coliseum is open Battle Square is closed and reversed".  If we must have something, I'd rather have Coliseum then this Battle Square thing.  Way too frustrating with most of the weak points already pointed out in this thread. 

Posted on 3/6/17 6:55:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

After 3 and a half years playing this game battle square has me so irate that I wanna quit playing stop trying to improve a great game please

Posted on 3/7/17 3:46:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The newest mode was a disappointment from the game-play to the rewards. Hoping that IGG will make a wise move by bringing back the Coliseum. I'm not enjoying Battle Square at all.

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Posted on 3/7/17 8:00:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.Waiting for the reward from chest is so long, and receive a tiny resources.
2. The Bastion is bug. If you deploy a hero at def formation, and anyone check it info. They'll get focus close game. The def heroes not appear even the bastion destroy and their fortitude also not works.

Posted on 3/9/17 2:20:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't hate the mode as much as others.  People have been complaining about col for a long time and now everyone is saying how great it was?

I already exceeded 2200 points with relative ease and I don't have great hero's.  It is annoying that the higher you go, the more hero's you need.  18 hero's with divines is pretty crazy.  Definitly catering to the dudes who are bringing their aids to Pisces.  Wrote this on my phone, sorry for typos.

Posted on 3/10/17 3:31:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

A tiny (tiny might be the wrong word in hindsight) update on my feelings of this mode. Battle wise I really like it, it's nice to have bit more strategy involved in the player versus player mini games I wouldn't mind a bit bigger area to play on though, just a bit more zoom put royal be nice.

As for the rest of the things connected to battle square:

The "Defending heroes can not be used as attacking reserves but attackers can be used as defending reserves" bug, at least I assume its a big, I hope that one is getting fixed soon enough

It would also be nice to either have the hero selector in combat bigger or have the first hero as default hero so you don't have to click it to select each hero

About the chest system...
I just did my first attack of the day as I finally had some chest slots free, I got the chest from killing 30 heroes I also got the chest for every 3 attempt and I won, I had 2 empty chest slots and my next chest is a silver chest. This means that I either have to spend jewels to get shards for heroes I do not use or I can wait 15 hours to do my next attack

The gaps in time/jewel price between the different chests does not reflect the value of the chests. At the moment you gain more from getting a "worse" chest especially if you consider the extra points you get from the fights you win when you don't have to wait for the "better" ones.

I assume the chests are there as another means for us to spend jewels I get that and im ok with it, your a company and companies need an income, no problem there but: Please make it worth us spending money on it, spending 200 jewels to get 6 shards (more often than not for a hero you don't use/need shade for), 3000 souls and a 5 min building time reducer is (in my opinion at least) not worth it.

Adding a new game mode and then adding a blockage on how much you can use it, the way the chests work atm, is ah really weird concept and I don't really understand it.. If I added a new mode to at game I w a developing I would want it to make people play the game more and make them spend more time in the game, not less.
If you compare the ciloseum and the battle square, the coliseum, at least untill you hit 3000 was a great way to spend a bus ride, was fun and made me spend more time in the game.
The battle square is fun as well, I personally prefer the battle mode but I rarely get to play it.

Up until I hit 3000 in coliseum I spent most of my commuting to and from work playing it.
In battle square I spend maybe 5 min to work in the morning and then I wait unroll I can get chests again

But all in all, fix the minor bugs, think of making the field a bit bigger, either increase the size of the hero selector and/or have one position in the selector as default and most of all fix the chest system and I think you have an awesome new game mode

Great job in general!

Base Camp out!

Posted on 3/10/17 10:59:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't like battle square... been playing for two years... but this add on makes me want to hang up this game

Posted on 3/10/17 12:43:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Game mode itself is cool.  I know it's getting a lot of hate initially, I believe that's because nobody knows how to use it.  I think a "how to" would probably alleviate a lot of the gripes about this game mode.  

However, there are legit criticisms to be made, namely the further stratification of players that don't pay, pay a little, and Wallet Warriors.  This game mode goes way too far in upsetting the balance of FtP and P2W.  I get that IGG wants to give the power spenders more content to splurge on, but if you make it impossible for f2p and lite spenders to play the game, they will leave.  And if the Wallet Warriors don't have a player base to display their "I win button" builds, they will stop spending and leave.  Don't get so greedy you kill the goose that lays the Golden eggs!

My Critiques:
*Bottom half player gets their drop field size reduced compared with top half.
*The wait time on the chests is way too long.  Should be something smaller like 15, 30, 45, 60minutes, either that or increase the chest rewards by a factor of 12.
*The amount of heroes gained per rank should be reduced to 1 from 2. 
*The initial upgrade amounts should be reduced, and the remaining upgrades reduced to scale the progression linearly.
*Attack formation window should be set up for this mode so we can save the weapon ownership
*Scale down the HP/Atk of the troops, or remove them.  A group of 3 troops at level 3 should not totally destroy a fully enchanted 180+ Pisces hero with gold weapon.

Posted on 3/11/17 7:54:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've played the mode a bit more and it seems people have learned that being the first to deploy a hero is usually not what you want (unless that hero happens to be wolvenfiend).

The manual deployment is really killing this for me and I'm sure a lot of others, too.
You really need to smooosh coliseum into this game mode.

-On the Battle Square grounds there are 3 circles for heroes to auto-deploy from (just like coliseum). These would be in front of the bastion. Only 3 heroes on the field at once per team.
-Allow hero aids to be assigned for each of the 3 slots (like coliseum)
-Adjust ranking tier rewards to match what would normally be coliseum prizes. Top tier would be around 2500 pts.
-Remove or reduce chest timers. 30 min for a wooden chest is probably not too bad.
-No chest timer for reaching tiers (like in coliseum you just claim the prize).
-Season rankings for rewards can last 14 days but the total rank would be reset to zero after each update just like Coliseum.
-Allow auto-battle button for those who don't want to be fully engaged. Also, auto-enable this if a player gets disconnected so that when they re-connect they still have a chance to win.
-Draws grant each player half the points of a victory. This will eliminate aggravation for long drawn out battles that end in a tie.
-Enable formation specific equipment assignment just like in coliseum.

I think those changes alone will make 90% of the player base happy and also require the least amount of programming changes on the developers' end.

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Posted on 3/13/17 2:00:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wolf elighmen