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[News] Clash of Lords 2 iOS Update (Feb 13th) [Version 2.0.58]

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Posted on 2/12/17 9:40:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Aye Lords! We'll be updating Clash of Lords 2 iOS on Feb 13th EST (GMT-5). The game will be down for maintenance at around 00:30 am and for 3 hours. Please note that several features won't be available until the latest update launches. Update Clash of Lords 2 iOS and we'll send 300 Jewels to your in-game mailbox for free! We'll also send in an additional 200 Jewels as compensation for the reward display issues in A Guild United. Thanks for your support. Happy clashing!

1. Valentine's Special:
a) New Valentine's base theme.
b) New rose-shaped design for building armors.
c) New Valentine's Packs and events added.
2. Enlightenment unlocked for the Valentine's Couple, Won Ton and Enchantress. New Evolution Essences for these Heroes have been added.
Note: When you deploy the Enlightened Valentine's Couple, it will trigger a special effect.
3. New equipment added, Abhorrent Aegis.
Heroes equipped with the Abhorrent Aegis have a X% chance to ignore enemy DMG RED when they reflect DMG. Hero and nearby allied Heroes have a X% and X% chance respectively to ignore X% of the DMG from a single hit if the hit deals greater than X% of their current HP. The ignored DMG will be transferred to a random enemy Hero.
4. New chapter added to El Dorado (with 8 new stages). 
5. You can now choose one of three rewards for each Tier Reward in A Guild United.
6. You can now salvage Equipment for Magic Powder, and create Equipment Shard in the Alchemy Workshop.
7. New season rewards in Coliseum. Fame has been reset.
8. Tap Cash has been removed.

Note: Battle reports and mailboxes will be cleared during the update. Be sure to claim any lingering rewards!

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