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[News] A Guild United

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Posted on 1/26/17 1:38:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Lords! Join forces with your Guildmates and strive for the top spot! Unity is Strength!
Event Duration: XXX – XXX EST (GMT -5)
Event Rules:
1. How do I enter the event page?
Tap the treasure chest on the right. On the "Limited" tab, search for the event indicated below and tap "Go."
2. How do I join the event?
a. Guilds must be level 2 or higher and have 3 members or more (of which at least 3 members were online in the last 7 days) in order to participate.
b. Participating Guilds will be randomly divided into Groups. Each Group consists of 25 Guilds. Guilds from different servers can be grouped together, where they'll compete with one another.
c. If there aren't enough Guilds that fulfill the participation criteria, the event will be canceled. If there are enough Guilds, the event will start after the joining period is over.
d. Players can't participate in the event for 24 hours after joining a Guild.
3. How does the event work?
a. Every Guild will be assigned four random Trials. Guild members must work together to complete the Trials. Once a Trial has been completed, Guild members can no longer contribute to it!
b. Completed Trials will disappear from the list. A new Trial will be assigned after 8 hours.
c. Guild Leaders can spend 200 Jewels to abandon a Trial. A new Trial will be assigned after 1 hour.
4. How do I earn rewards during the event?
a. Rewards are distributed for every Trial completed. Guild members can only collect rewards for Trials that they helped to complete.
b. Guilds will be awarded with Unity Points for every Trial completed. Guild members will also be awarded with Honor Points based on their contribution to the completion of the Trial.
c. Earning Unity Points will improve your Guild’s Unity Rank within the Group. It will also unlock Tier Rewards upon reaching certain milestones.
d. Players who earned ≥1 Honor Point during the event may collect their Guild's Tier Rewards and Unity Rank Rewards when it ends.
e. If a player leaves his Guild while the event is active, all Unity and Honor Points earned by the player will be forfeited. Contributions made to any ongoing Trials will also be lost.

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Posted on 1/26/17 1:43:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you very much, it is a good event, I am waiting.

Posted on 7/18/17 7:36:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only