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[News] Clash of Lords 2 Update (Jun 3 Android) [Version 1.0.131]

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Posted on 6/3/14 1:00:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The server will be down for approx. 2 hours time, from 2:30am to 4:30am, June 3  EST (GMT-5). After the maintenance, each player who upgraded to the latest version will receive 100 Jewels in their in-game mail box as reward!

What's new:
1. Introducing Pan Goli, the new soccer-hooligan Hero!
2. Gold discounts have been added for a limited time only!
3. Improvements were made to assignments in the Hero Arena so that they’re now based on rank.
4. Defeating multiple Hero Arena opponents in a row will no longer award bonus EXP.
5. Hero Arena opponents can now be refreshed for 20,000 Gold instead of 30 Jewels.
6. Adjustments were made to Hero Arena EXP awards so that they're now based on rank.
7. Heroes used for Hero Aid may now be viewed while checking another Lord's base.
8. A prompt will appear when Passive Skills are not activated.


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