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[Chat(Android)] some questions and answers which you know

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COL2 -Android-en-FAQ-(2015.5.6)

Latest FAQs

Q: Why I can’t claim the guild pack?
Please kindly note that the number of players who could claim rewards from individual guild pack is limited. Hence all of the rewards might have been claimed when you tried to claim the guild pack. To avoid similar situation, you may try to claim guild pack as soon as it's available.

Q: What’s the distribution mechanism of the guild pack?
Please kindly understand that the rewards received from guild pack would be purely random for every player who claims it. Meanwhile, the amount of the rewards for individual player is not related to the claiming order. The first player claiming the rewards doesn't necessarily become the person who claims most rewards from it. 
Q: Our guild leader was not online for a very long time, can you help us transfer the leader ship to other members?
When the current guild leader has not been online for seven days. The elders and the five members with the most trophies who have logged in the last seven days are eligible to become the new leader.
And If you are eligible, you can click “Become Leader” to have a try.

Q: How can I obtain Event Coins?

You can join special events, fight in Lords League, and buy Jewels to obtain Event Coins.

Q: How can I use the Event Coins?

You can use the event coins to buy items from the Event Mall, and you can find the Event Mall from the Events page.

Q: Why I can’t claim the rewards in the Battle Royale?

There are three kinds of rewards in the Battle Royale, Clear Rewards, DMG Rank Rewards and Knockout Rewards, you can only claim the rewards when your guild members pass the dungeon accordingly.
Q: Why I can’t join in the Battle Royale?

According the the Battle Royale rules, only one of the guild members can challenge the activated dungeon at a time. You won’t be able to join the same dungeon until the other guild member finish the challenge. 
And the Battle Royale will be reset at 12:00am EST(GMT-5) every Sunday, please click “Reset” to have a check again. 
Q: Can I buy the Monthly Package more times?

Sorry, you can buy one monthly package every 25 days.

Q: If I buy one monthly package today, and then I buy another one 25 days later, what will happen for the claim 400 jewels daily event?

You can claim 400 jewels every day since you buy the monthly package, and it will last 30 days. If you buy another monthly package 25 days later, the benefit will stack. It means that you can claim 400 jewels everyday for 35 days then (5 days are the rest of benefit for the first monthly package, 30 days are the full effect for the second monthly package). 

Q: Will the 400 jewels from the Monthly Package be added to the page event?

Sorry, our page event can only count the jewels you buy and the bonus in the jewels package. The 400 jewels from the Monthly Package can’t be counted for page event. 
Q: Why I need to log in a google account when I use invitation code.

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An FAQ is already published. Questions could be asked there. However, since it isn't truly updated anymore at this point, this thread you made is a reminder to update it. I have time to do so after the weekend. Thanks for the work you've done so far!

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