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[Chat(Android)] Appropriate Compensation for Downtime

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Posted on 11/29/17 12:29:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I didn't see a suggestions forum anymore, so since I play on Android this seemed like the best place for the topic.

Maintenance compensation has been a sore point for me for awhile, but I finally got anoyed enough 
to say something.  Why is the compensation for the "inconvenience" so far out of line with what is 
lost to the player, especially when maintenance goes for extended periods and past in game 

To use a concrete example consider the following:

Say a user is in Mountain or Pacific Time zones.  So maintenance begins at 5pm or 4pm respectively 
for these people.  Now say the person has anything resembling a 8-5 job on a Tuesday (not an 
unlikely probability).  So to avoid being totally backhanded by the maintenance the person would 
need to have gotten up in the middle of the night to do all daily/periodic tasks for the game, 
because by the time they got home from work, maintenance had already begun. Because, as seems 
typical, maintenance was extended, then extended again, to go past the daily reset time, making all 
of those daily tasks lost.  Now also consider that some of those "daily" tasks tie into longer 
periods such as Arena, Battle Square, Coliseum, Hero Trials, etc and how a day lost might 
completely derail that cycle.

So potentially this person who didn't have the clairvoyance, and the dedication to wake up in the 
middle of the night, or hours early for work, would have lost out on:

- Points progression in Arena (probably around 17,000 average)
- Gem and other Rewards for 3* Resource Raids
- Gems and Mutagen for completing at least 5 LL battles
- Rewards from Campaign Clash (mostly opportunities to buy things for gold)
- Rewards, chests, and points standing in Hero Trials
- Any potential mutagen rewards from LL and revenge LL battles
- Gems and chest rewards from Battle Royal
- Rewards for using stamina in El'Dorado
- Guild points for challenging, and points for performance tomorrow, for fighting the guild boss
- Any event specific milestones for things like Event Mall
- Anything they didn't claim like daily sign-in (I'll grant most people will have gotten these at 
some point)
- I'm sure there are others that I didn't think off right now, and also others that would apply if different events were actually taking place during the maintenance.

So I would say that my frustration is the compensation seems to always be a pittance in comparison 
to what is actually forfeited during maintenance, especially if that maintenance extends past the 
daily reset deadline.

So since there is no cost of production for Gems, Rings, Souls, Mutagen, etc, why doesn't the compensation 
more accurately reflect what most players miss out on?

If you accidentally crush my car with a wrecking ball, and offer me $20 for my inconvenience, I'm 
likely going to be quite enraged.

Posted on 11/29/17 4:55:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The compensation can't accurately distinguish players who are on top of the ladder in the game or which ones are on the bottom. Distinguishing those players will take a long time to figure out how to do properly.

So instead, a compensation will be given. Not too high for lower players to shoot up the line, not too low to make top players feel like they couldn't have progressed.

However, while all dailies certainly are worth a lot, 1000 gems cover about all daily rewards when not including bonuses. The bonuses are variable here. And even if, for example, you were to get arena rewards but miss out on those caused by the maintenance, it's still a chance you'd get those arena rewards. They are not guaranteed for you. You could lose to a certain opponent.

The line has to be drawn at: at which point are the chances of winning a bonus reward from the dailies so high that you're allowed to get it? When you're winning them 80% of the time for 10 weeks straight? But that's still only a chance as you may lose in that week.

What I'm doing is defending the point of view IGG gave those rewards. I am not defending this company in general. I'm defending the procedure that goes behind it.

1000 gems in my opinion is therefore not lackluster to players who have already done their dailies. Game companies always check the lowest % of players that will be affected with a maintenance at a certain timezone. Taking this into consideration: the majority of European and Asian people will wake up the next day, not even knowing that there was a maintenance. Then they are like Oooooh! Nice bonus :) while the compensation is not even meant for them. This is just to add another point to the procedure.

I hope this clears steam from the mind.

Happy clashing!

The apprentice turns against his master