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[Chat(Android)] Defenses underutilized in game modes

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Posted on 9/10/17 9:17:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Base is huge resource sink for souls and gold. But other than  GC can't really think of a game mode where it comes to the fore for most players. Devs need to create a few more game modes where you can use your base or defenses better. Over concentrating on heroes is making the game very one dimensional.

Few suggestions. 10x lords league rewards and only rings, mutagens, mugs and newbie & coral  eggs as rewards. Increase attempts to twenty with 3 free refreshes.
2. A tower defenses kind of map with 10 defenses for a player to place. Each square will have it's own power. E.g. stun for 3 seconds. Slow with aoe by 15% etc. Each defenses w/o have it's unique power whose power equals armour level. E.g. reapers get to have poison attacks. Sniper towers split piercing arrows for increasing damage. At max armour their damage triples which can ignore enemy damage reduction by 75% .

The tower defenses map of any player can be attacked at anytime by some one else. 8 heroes come in a order But player can choose three entry points on the map. Heroes won't attack only mercs can and will try to break towers down. Heroes will keep moving forward at a slow speed.. Heroes however can use their spells. Spells can be tweaked to make it more relevant.

The mode is asymmetrical and people can play at own pace. If the player is online during attack they can keep tapping on a tower to increase damage by up to 25%. Will wear off in 5 sec.  Any clan member can also come to aid but damage increase is limited to 3scs.  Points are accumulated for every win and can be exchanged for evolution shards, spirit shards and resources in mall. Fortnightly rewards based on tier reached . Will be a statue that can be used i  treasure map and in base that will give unique power to the defenses. Eg: slow for reapers, bleed for sniper towers etc.

Willing to spend time giving it shape if devs| mods who can touch base with devs are interested

Any thoughts??

Posted on 9/11/17 4:22:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

When you do el.dorado the level of defenses they give you on each level is dependant. Upon the level you have on your base.

Posted on 9/11/17 8:42:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well, I have a different opinion. A high leveled base is very very powerful. When buildings are high leveled they already get a passive skill unlocked that makes them stronger. If something, the true power of any defence building gets unlocked too late. I´ve been playing for over 2 years and a half and have only unlocked 1 passive. Of course, I´ve reach a good level in every building (enough to make it to almost the highest level in armor possible)

When heroes get stronger, they add new max levels to the base instead of making every level more powerful, that is why most people think bases are useless and heroes have everything to say in a battle.

Having said that:
1. Since the game is already very time consuming I wouldn´t want to attack 20 times, specially when we have guild clash.
2. I don´t like having to be online when someone attacks me. How do you measure it? If someone beats you when you are offline they get rewards. If you are online, should they get more rewards? If so, isn´t it unffair the other guy got less rewards? In fact, how do you measure the rewards and how much time the guy was online. Maybe he was online from the beggining or maybe he was online at the end. Moreover, isn´t it unffair that you pick an opponent and suddenly it goes online and makes you lose? 
Besides, having to be looking at the phone the whole day sounds awful.

What difference would I make?
1. Instead of adding new building levels, buff existing ones specially the ones in the middle.
2. New dungeons

Other games have a wide an fun range of history mode, dungeons, etc.
I think dungeons should be divided into levels (easy, normal, hard) and categories (attack, defence, no-heroes defence).

The ones we already have would be on "easy and attack" but they would need to be 150 dungeons. Base dungeons would be about a IA attacking our base. no-heroes defence would be about mercenaries attacking our base without any heroes. It would be nice then to see our progress, specially in the mode without heroes

I have other complementary ideas that mix with this one but that is pretty much it. Simple, entertaining, a base would be important and ofc the rewards should be good. We could also be given base statues to buff buildings for completing each different dungeon and difficulty level.

More events could be added weekly: we could be given a run of dungeons to clear every week (and that resets). For completing them we could pick a reward. From evolution essence to glory eggs. Maybe better rewards with better progress in the whole dungeons.

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Posted on 9/11/17 1:19:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree with Asacio that high level bases are very powerful.  I also agree that unlocking defensive passives is far to late and that the tendency for balancing when heroes get stronger is to add additional building levels for the most part.  Although they do try with hero fortitudes like Won Ton and they also add additional building types like Sanctum that add defensive bonuses to surrounding buildings too.

I have been playing a little over 3 years as FTP and I have only a few passives.  The Town Hall passive was the first and I did that a long time ago.  But I am working on my Victory statues and have unlocked passives on only 4 of them with two maxed.  It takes a long time if you are not a big spender.

Since Sanctum was introduced I have been saving mutagen and 24 hour scrolls to raise its level for the passive building defense as well as for ruminating.  Very expensive and as Mindbender points out, only useful in a few building defensive situations but needed for glyphs.  But Lords League is still important, especially if you are in the top ten of a top three guild on your platform.  Your base is also the most obvious status symbol you have in game as well.  Obviously guild clash and El Dorado make use of your base too.

They do not balance for lower and mid-level players really.  They balance for hi end spending types.  When those guys max out, they give them something to spend on.

Would I like some base changes to benefit the mid and low lvls, sure.  Buff away.

New dungeons are only mildly interesting since there is no reason to complete more than once, then auto-clear.  I like auto-clear but would like increased rewards for doing them manually.  The rewards are very small at present.  Same for el dorado, I'd keep auto clear but double or triple rewards for doing them manually to give people more options for stuff in game for time invested.

Also, they could have glyphs giving fortitude-like powers to help with defense.  The damage most defenses do is dwarfed by the health reachable pretty easily by even mid level players.