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[Chat(Android)] Best skills for rath and pan goli. And who to enlighten

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Posted on 8/26/17 10:00:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Have a choice between pg and rath to take up as next hero. Currently line up is TS at 19 enlighten and AC and 16 enlighten. Not sure of taking them further gives a good ROI for now. Need to choose between PG and Rath. Others in line up include wolf as tank, LS, GS, Abyss reasonably strong.
Need to know what are the best skills for both and which one makes sense in going ahead. I see glyphs playing a large role as we go into the game. PG will become less powerful with so many skill damage mods. But it's damage potential is unquestionable. Have AC and adding rath makes me wonder if I am just getting too many control heroes and got enuf to just whack the hell.  Can always switch on wolf mode and it does insane same while AC becomes tank (it's a pretty good tank).pls help

Posted on 8/26/17 11:05:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I wouldnt go for dmg really. Above 4000 trophies PG doesnt do much, and it keeps getting worse higher. I dont have enlightened rath, but saw he is more expensive to level than other heroes. Know people that enlightened him and like him and some that regret leveling him. If i were you i would go for rv till you notice she can keep your team alive, which should be around lv 30 active skill and insight 15.

Posted on 8/26/17 3:38:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Rath goes best...rath killer... Now rath also better than amb..... U should go with rath

Posted on 8/26/17 10:23:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would go for divine level 5 before going for enlightment for someone else.

If you really want other heroes with enlightment then let´s discuss it. Your notes on the difference between pan goli and rath are accurate.

Pan Goli is so far the best burst damage dealer in the game but he also has DoT. His knock is useful in many contexts like arena, defence, coliseum or battle square.

In my opinion Rath is better because he steals healing from the enemy. So far it is the best way not only to counter healing but also to turn it against the enemy. The direct DMG is also one of the main attractions. This could all change if they create a new aid skill like "redirects a negative status to the enemy", but so far the everyone needs enchantress as a main hero or as aid skills. His cooldown is low and I appretiate that. What I don´t like about him is that he is not that good to kill a base once the enemy heroes are dead while pan goli hits multiple targets

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Posted on 8/27/17 12:29:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks all for taking you valuable time to help.

1. It a not just PG. Any > 16 enlightened hero one shots non enlightened heroes barring a wolf. Does PG without RV makes sense??
2. The only two modes I struggle are GC and battle square. BS is stuck at 5k. Which I am ok with. But lose most of GC and clan depends on me to take out two keeps.
3. I am seriously worried about how unbalanced glyphs are. Not yet seen anyone with 100% life steal. But that on wolf in wolf form or full insight ambro/abyss is undefeatlable. Arcane can't steal glyphs buffs.
4. Is it meaningful just not to do anything and board till we see how glyphs go. Most top players don't have high level glyphs. Infects they are ignoring it mostly . Why?? Is there something we don't know.
5.  Actually I have 7 glory eggs and enough share for most heroes. Better question to ask is who next then. Ambros, enchant, Abyss, rath or PG. They need to be glyph proof and must grow with glyph.beserk aid and rath cancels PG.  From a battle square and Guild clash POV how can I go? Well thought put answers with facts is greatly appreciated.

Once again thanks all for taking out time on the weekend.