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[Chat(Android)] Limited trade

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Posted on 6/14/17 11:06:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So has anyone noticed that IGG begrudgingly brought back limited trade but now don't run any spend events at the same time.

To IGG well that is why I don't spend 50 pounds a month anymore

Posted on 6/14/17 2:35:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wrong!  These jerks have been running spend events in conjunction with LTT for the first hour.  So if you are lucky and can stay up until midnight (US TIME) you might be able to take advantage.  I do agree though, I spend a perverbial ton of $ and I am about done.  IGG acts like the LTT doesn't reward spenders.  Instead they take take take.  FU IGG.

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Posted on 6/14/17 4:25:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah, it's correct that they don't have a lot of spend events anymore. Last LTT there was an LGW, which is something at least. But this time again there was no spend event.

To answer Crazy454: there was no Wishing Tree the first hour. It was only there for people who had unclaimed points from the day before that one to claim their rewards. Doing the LTT at this time would have resulted in 0 rewards from Wishing Tree.

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Posted on 6/15/17 6:51:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yo sup guys, that with LTT is really annoying. The Point is, its hard to keep up with alle the updates and new heroes without something  ''free'' like the gem trade on a spending event. Have a look at the new Building, how to lvl up this? Right with mutagen...but the enlightment cost a lot of mutagen also Batt Square upgrades are only possible with resources. And then yes we forgot something...''our Heroes, right!''. To much stuff at the same time, and then i see those retards who saying IGG needs to make money....dude this is a BIGG COMPANY just google their income LOL. For sure spenders should get an advantage and get things faster but that is just GREED from IGG. And i wish me ltt with a spending event going on back every week. With this feels smoother and i would rather buy jewels to enjoy-besides this- even more. Peace out