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[Chat(Android)] Soo enlingnment is nigh impossible for F2p

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Posted on 6/8/17 1:02:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

my closet is abyss at capricorn and the resources nesscary just seem daunting. Calling F2p how do you get enlightened within a certain amount of time

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Posted on 6/8/17 4:27:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I enlightened my abyss within 2 months after his evolution essence came out. Limited time trades in conjunction with Wishing Tree and Lords Gone Wild are your best guess. He's seriously still being given out for more essences for the same jewel spending price as the other essences

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Posted on 6/8/17 6:14:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Like dragoneyr said, it's gonna come down to true focus for F2P. Like always go for what you need for your goal. That's how I got my WF to pisces without spending for it - like dragoneyr said, I focused on during trade events etc I always aimed for his shards  and hero card in trading... so you can definitely get your AD up and enlightened. At Capricorn you need 116 evo essences and then 2k mutagen and 10 ancient spirits and you'll get to enlighten him :) good luck!!!

Posted on 6/8/17 10:06:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Save your jewels and only use it when there's an event.  I try to spend when there is at least a double event.  For example. Trevi fountain with lgw or wt or spend.  You might even get a triple if u time it right.

Posted on 6/9/17 9:43:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First off - the only resource you should be using to get heroes to pisces is "Hero Evolution Essences" is they are available.  For Abyss Demon they are easy to get - maybe even one of the easiest to get.  

Second, pay attention to the events - ALL of the events.  Many of them you can take advantage of as a F2P.  Basically you just need to hoard your jewels, keep enough on hand to participate in the Limited Time Trading event where you literally trade jewels for more jewels.  

Third ONLY SPEND JEWELS on two things: 1 - a small amount can be spend when the El Dorado drops are doubled to get more energy or more chances at boss farming.  and most of your jewels you should only be spending in large amounts during the "Bunny bounty" event.  This will give you lots of the primary enlightenment resource - "Ancient Spirits".  Ideally you will want to wait until Bunny Bounty coincides with either "Lords gone Wild" or "Wishing Tree" both of those events additionally will give you free things just for spending your jewels and one of those free things is Hero Evolution Essences aka you get to evolve like half of the best heroes for free.

Posted on 6/10/17 5:27:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

As a F2P player, the most important thing is - what many ppl miss - that you need to plan things out to get the MOST VALUE for what you do. For example you never chose ancient spirit in lgw or wishing tree event, simply because its overpriced as f*ck, even if you need it, you dont pick it. PRICE/VALUE ratio is the most important thing. Many noob casuals may not see the point, but trust me...

Posted on 7/12/17 4:48:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

M a f2p two month old to game
I already have 16 ancient spirits.
There are plenty of events to get them like coliseum, battle mall, Or that event to make equipment
So its not that tough

Posted on 7/12/17 12:49:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is not hard. I am f2p and I got 122 ancient spirits so far in total. Just save gems for events. There are 40k to 50k free gems if doing all dailies and trades per month.

Posted on 7/12/17 4:27:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

there are not 40k 50k free gem a month hehe
maybe around 10k or so.

Posted on 7/13/17 9:16:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Maybe not 40 or 50k but more than 10k, unless you count LLT trade coinciding with a spend event..... Let's count it out for fun!

I get about 400 free gems per day from just doing daily stuff.  That is 12k a month right there.

Now every two weeks I will get between 0 to 2000 free gems from GC rewards.  I would say averaging 1000 per month.  

The arena cycle every two weeks gives you 100, 300, 500, 800 and 2000 free gems if you get to the end.  That is a total of 3700 x 2 = 7400 gems/mo.

There will be a LLT for gems at least once a month now, maybe once every two weeks not sure, that should result in 3000 gems at least if you are a saver!  If you count when they land on a spend event of course that is 17000 spendable gem points...   But as we know that doesn't always happen like it used to.

Conclusion:  I get between 23400 to 26400 in real free gems every month.  And in spending terms more if the LLT coincides with a spend event.  This could get you as many gem spendable credits as an additional 34000 (if twice a month) in a concrete I feel the money in my pocket gotta spend it sense.

So, in some months maybe you do feel like you have 50K to even 60K free gems to spend.