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[Chat(Android)] Berserker aid skill

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I can't understanding about on berserker aid skill...pls help me

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He is hands down the best aid in the game.  His skill reduces incoming damage to a % of his HP. 

Essentially slows down your heroes getting one shot.

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The Berserker aid allows your hero to stop taking dmg after a set amount of hp has been passed in 1 second.

15% on max skill basically means that the hero takes 15% of his max hp dmg in a single second.

We will assume that we have maxed out Berserker aid.

If you have 100 000 hp and your enemy does 25 000 dmg to your hero, then that means that you have 75 000 hp left. However, if you have Berserker aid, then 15% of your max hp is only 15000 hp. You can only lose 15 000 hp in that one second, so you will have 85000 hp left.

This is effective against 2 strategies:
- Single punch heroes, like Won Ton and Pan Goli, are now limited to do 15% of your maximum hp in 1 second.
- Fast attacking heroes. If you normally do  a million damage per second against a single target (5 versus 1), then you cannot get any more damage after that 15% for the rest of the second.

This effect keeps going until the hero is dead.

You can counter this in 2 ways:
- Use tyrants brand. This brand has a chance to completely bypass Berserker aid with a hero's skill. This Brand is only effective on one punch heroes.
- Debuff your opponent. If the enemy can't get a chance to use his skill, then it doesn't matter what happens, the hero will die. Slowly, but surely.

I hope this helps. It is very difficult explaining Berserker aid.

Happy clashing!

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Thnks guys for supporting me.. Thnks a lot