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[Chat(Android)] Coliseum is crying for a change

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Posted on 4/24/17 3:02:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First of all, we are talking about real-time player versus player mode here, where you are constantly, actively losing and winning points and where both players are affected by the outcome of the match, they are making an effort.
Secondly, we need to see the bigger picture, think as a game developer, not as an individual player, seeing the game as a whole.
The fact, that you experience the mentioned problem or not, wont show the general situation of the game.
Some of you list solutions like use this hero or that hero, change the lineup, etc. These kind of "solutions" are not solutions.
There are a lot of factors. F2p players, p2p players, slow progress for f2p, faster for p2p, different hero development for each players, different setups, different equipments, etc. The point is, that there are so many little factors that every situations will be different more of less. Its like there are no 2 people in the world 100% the same.
What does it mean regarding the coliseum tower topic? It means that no matter what you do, you will face this problem more or less. And this is key: MORE or LESS. Both are present in the game, they are there and thats the problem.
It makes it worse that - as i said before - its generally a slowly progressing game, so you cannot pull something out of your hat quickly to jump out of the situation. You may just dont have the hero, the resource or whatever it is. And referring to what i said above, there can be so many different situations that it doesnt matter what hero or lineup you have, you cannot avoid it happening completely.
Hope now its understandable for everyone, because if not, then you have a problem...