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[Chat(Android)] Promo code for friends to "spread the love"

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Posted on 3/23/17 9:41:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ya know the one under the chest we use to access our dailys, in between it and the icon that allows us access to the promo packs such as winter wonders, and hero growth packs. We allegedly enter our friends (or stranger from the web) promo code and and get 10% of the jewels they purchase. I'm curious as to exactly how that works, and some other more technical questions. What are the icons near hero names, it's obvious that the helicopter hat is for most flyers. But two parallel swords and two crossed swords, what do they represent and where can I find this info for the purpose of study. Diablo 2 was a big deal to me, that's the kind of background I'm working with. Do I need to get frames per second out of my head in regards to col2? Are there attack rate breakpoints, a scale the hero's are measured with? Are these things making changes dramatic enough to even concern myself with? I've seen the ambrosia with three five/five blessing downwind and a maxed skill blockhead appear to be using a laser, but where are the breakpoints?

Posted on 3/23/17 5:27:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

That friend invite code is for say u invite a brand new friend to play, he puts in ur code, any gems he buys u get 10% of.

As for those icons they serve no purpose far as I know.  The do affect guildboss dmg for some, that's about it that I know of.  Maybe there's more to it, but I dunno.