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[Chat(Android)] Which hero to enlighten first

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Posted on 3/19/17 2:13:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I play very casually and very passively, only TH9 and level 60 even though my account is 1000+ days old

My heroes are not very developed except for a few

My Ambrosia is pisces, and I can get her the 8 glory needed. My abyss demon is also pisces, and I am working on my arcane caster, which is the max glory one. I only have 20 or so ancient spirits. 

I also have capricorn great sage and chiron, libra landslide, and libra toxic shaman. I do not have enough gems to get all evolution essences every time unfortunately 

I don't know what game mode to focus. What would be your recommendation and the hero to enlighten as to help with that?

Posted on 3/19/17 5:07:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Whoever is your choice don't go starting enlightenment on multiple heroes. Focus on just one hero and get to at least lvl 9 enl (this should be max skill lvl if you choose the correct selectable attributes). You should go a little further to lvl 16 enl in order to max insight.

Insight is one of the major bonuses of an enlightened hero. It can make a SIGNIFICANT difference. The skill level bonuses are also very helpful. Review each hero and decide for yourself which best suits you.

As for my opinion, Ambrosia is an excellent choice for base defense and will help you get far in El Dorado. Abyss Demon will also help out a lot and he has as many good uses as Ambrosia. either of those would be a great choice.

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Posted on 3/19/17 9:57:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thing is, arcane caster enlightenment looks useful, but I can't tell how useful buff stealing is. Main reason why she's a prime target is because I have her at max glory, so I won't ever hit the max level and get stuck there

 but ambrosia only looks useful at very high levels of insight, which I'll probably never get to

Abyss demon I can do I suppose

Posted on 3/20/17 9:37:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I went with my first enlightened hero to be Abyss Demon and i dont regret my decison at all ,he will help you a lot. After Abyss you can start working on Ambrosia ,those two together make nice team.

Posted on 3/20/17 4:49:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

pangoli first, he's easiest to get supplies for, but he does cost more AS. 
but he's most useful, for both insight, defense and dmg.

Posted on 3/20/17 6:06:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Pan cost a lot to make killer.  Ambrosia and Abyss are pretty solid.  Ambrosia at 16 or so fires her rockets insanely fast

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Posted on 3/20/17 7:17:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

my PG is only leo

how is Ambrosia enlighten good at middle levels though? I'm f2p, so high level insight is very expensive

Also, I still don't hear thoughts on arcane caster enlighten. Is she not good?

(Decided I focus on el dorado, battle royale, arena, and raid)

Posted on 3/21/17 7:31:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First, you need to upgrade TH to lvl 14, able to have 3rd aids to each of your heroes. Not sure about what is your lineup? But it is very important!

As a f2p, it is very critical how to use your rings, mut, ancient spirits.

It is very kind for igg by providing LTT twice a week last few months. If you missed those deals, it is even harder to upgrade as f2p.  It is doable but taking longer time.  Make sure do all daily and save gems for LTT, use the gems widely during wishing tree or lgw. Don't just hit the 10x hire as soon as saving 1450 gems!

Ad and amb are the most common enlightenment for f2p since both heroes are very useful.  However, it takes alot of rings, mut, hero shards, souls, ancient spirits to upgrade 1 hero til max!

Posted on 3/21/17 8:38:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Line up is pieces ad, picses ambrosia, libra landslide, capricorn great sage, and saggitarius arcane caster, sometimes libra toxic shaman

Landslide and toxic shaman cannot go past level 140 because no glory and not enough Evo

I only spend gems on lgw and ltt

Posted on 3/22/17 7:43:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In your situation,  I will do few things before enlighten any hero.

First, upgrade your TH to lvl 14, to get 3rd aids on every hero, it should boost up around 20% hp and atk  if these aids are lvl120.

Work on gs and ts by essence til pisces, they are very important almost every mode. For my opinion, ts divine is more useful and op than amb.

Join an active and helpful guild, it helps alot on resources.

Spent rings to upgrade skills to minimum rage for heroes, 1 by 1. First, I will work on gs and ad since their rage at lvl 18 is 1 for both.

Set a goal every month to reach and concentrate on 5 heroes that use the most.  Do you have wolf? Replace ls with wolf.

Work on equipments and enchant heroes. It makes a big difference.

Use only essence to upgrade heroes as much as possible. Wolf is the only hero that I spent any mut rings souls shards to evolve. Because it needs ton of resources when you enlighten 1 hero!

Save gem as much as possible and sometimes right timing will get so much resources at once. For example, don't jump on LTT right off, look like what event is going on and plan what to get.  Every month, there is about 30k to 40k that is free if you do all daily everyday. Save it for a month or 2 and wait for LTT along with wishing tree or lgw, sometimes I see spend 30k and get lot of resources events on the next day. As a bonus, the timing may get you blessing events like roll 10x hire for 10th or 20th to get 10 epics. Then spend about 30k gem at once will get lots of resources and heroes. I am not joking, it happens!

Use only glory eggs on hero til they are 6 glory. It is hard to roll several good heroes. Even I roll those main heroes that I use, I will not fuse them til they are 6 glory.  It will help to get hero easier since all you need to 2 additional heroes to fuse to reach lvl 180 for pisces hero!

Hope these tips help!