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[Chat(Android)] Wolvenfiend's wolf form's bleed

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Posted on 3/22/17 4:01:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Can wolvenfiend stand upto the enlighted heroes or is he a nerfed useless hero.

Posted on 3/22/17 4:28:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

"Nerf" is a nonsensical term in this game since the company never makes any changes, no balance patches, nothing. They make a hero, they put it in the game and it will be as it is for eternity.

Posted on 3/22/17 8:32:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just 1 example at 5:58

Your arguement is invalid. Dont tell me that its normal. No hero should be able to resist such a burst against 5 heroes.

Posted on 3/22/17 3:37:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

and your arguement is invalid. Let me explain:
He was using 4x slow attacking flyers and RV first of all, without spaming skills.
2ndly he won the battle and did not use wolf.
3rd the guy using wolf lost.

So what exactly is op?
I assure you my toxic shaman would wipe that wolf np with his poison cloud that stops healing.
Heck all I have to do to win is get a toxic shaman cloud to land on his bastion, and game over.

Ambrosia + some dps will also kill that wolf.
So will a berzerker
If you think wolf is so OP why not build one of ur own?
Im sure you have a wolf of your own, they have given away so many or made him super accessable.   Maybe you will figure out how much u need to invest to make wolf that strong where he is useful.
You obviously haven't seen pangoli one shot entire teams with 1million+ damage fireballs, then follow up with 800k  divine 5 and the fireballs again all in succession.  If u didn't know divine5 resets golis's skill so he can fireball again with 0 cooldown.
So wolf can tank, but he's not gonna to jack when goli has kileld ur whole team, his fireballs will next hit ur buildings and one shot them as well.
How about the new hero that can summon a guild boss that hits everything?

Posted on 3/23/17 3:39:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Slow attacking flyers? Well watch that part again, lvl 200s with golden blades. You were talking about the match but we are talking about a SPECIFIC HERO here. So once again: dont tell me that any hero should able to tank that burst! Let me tell you just one more situation: in arena, when i go against team with wf (all 5 members are on the same upgrade level), all other members are dead already while wf has full hp and it takes at least a minute or two to kill it. Or happened not once that it switched to wolf form and killed all 5 heroes, then switched back to regen all hp. We are talking about heroes on the same upgrade levels. I have beaten full teams of 190+ pisces high quality heroes, and then a lvl 145 wf comes and kills my whole team alone? And you are defending that shit? In battle square the enemy deploys a wf and he holds up my full team completely? Pffff...
Maybe when you are a pathetic cash cow and spend money on the game and be in the top - lets say - 1000, and have fully/near fully upgraded team, the power levels are different, but we are talking about the fitting of an individual hero into the game (power levels on all levels, machanics, sync with other heroes, balance when synced with other heroes, overall balance, etc).
If you dont realise this you are either blind or just a cash cow who doesnt know anything about games, but certainly, you cannot call yourself a gamer for sure...

Posted on 3/23/17 3:48:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

And some more things about your reply
1: I didnt upgrade wf, even if i would have, it NOT A SOLUTION to the problem! How can you say this to justify your point? It just totally wrong.
2: Im using ambrosia and some dps and what i mentioned above still happened and happens.
3: You are defending your point with pangoli 1-shot? We are talking about wf here, which doesnt mean that there are no other overpowered fixable things in the game! Once again, how can you defend your side with this?
Its impossible to talk about a subject when you bring up all kind of unrelated sh*t!

Posted on 3/23/17 10:49:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i have a fully maxed lvl180 wolf, 25 skill, full enchant, pisces, 5/5 blessed weapons skill, built him to help clear bases in guild clash... i do like him in some situations but others i feel that he is just not that good. the interesting thing is on my ll and gc team i run a pull and stomp team, gs, ds, ts, ad, and wf/djinni. i like my lvl200, 20 skill, half enchanted djinni better than the wf for clearing heroes. against easy opponents it doesnt matter but harder opponents wf does not perform as well. no point to go to wolf mode until heroes are down. 

BS and Coli: he is pretty tough especially with an AD providing constant heals but not unbeatable, TS's melt through him. 

overall i think it is hard to balance a game across all player levels, yes he is strong for low to mid level players but for the top 30% of players he is just another guy.

on another side note: i think that TS broke the game more than any other hero. his skill reapplies the debuffs continuously, super OP debuffs. there is not much you can do if you are caught in that death circle.

Yea Games
Posted on 3/23/17 1:31:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wolf gets nerfed every update because ppl cry n can't figure out how to kill him.. That's garbage Imo I centered my whole alt acct around a wolf, (sag, max enchant, skill 25, max aids n a purple heart with 3x5/5 talents) that is now getting destroyed in arena trials n coli.. If u still can't kill wolf u should quit the game tbh

Posted on 3/23/17 5:23:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

They haven't nerfed him, people are just learning and getting smarter on how to kill him now.
Some people adapt, some people just whine and complain.
FYI I'm not a spender, but I have pisces wolf.
Not my problem u spent the free gems you get on other stuff.
My max enchanted wolf pisces lvl 185  dies in BS all the time.  He is not invincible.
My noobie lvl 50 acct has a wolf with 25 skill tho, and he has easy time cause no one that level is smart enough to kill him.
Why did I bring up goli?  Cause he will simply one shot ur base in arena, who cares if there's 1 wolf vs ur 5 heroes left.  My goli and gs and panda will have destroyed ur base, u do not need to kill all heroes to win in arena.