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[Chat(Android)] GC Matchmaking and trophy dropping...

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Posted on 5/20/16 9:32:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Found this in the updated FAQ.
58)Q: How does the match system work in the guild clash?

Please kindly note that the two factors which determine the matches of guilds are the number of signed up members from guild and overall guild strength. Meanwhile, overall guild strength is measured by 1. total trophy amount of the guild; 2. TOP 5 heroes of every guild member's. Guilds would be matched up for Guild Clash if they share similar number of signed up members and overall strength. Please rest assured that we have been taking more parts into consideration to provide players with more balanced matches for Guild Clash.

Posted on 5/23/16 3:45:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I hate to sound anti Igg but facts are facts.

I ran details w 2 guilds. Nothing IGG makes sense. Yes low trophies help but IGGs agenda is different.

I don't need algorithms to know that we are being played but there is one that has little to do with anything.

Your guild gets owned 2x by higher guilds and a soft one a few times and it repeats, then a 1st or 2nd plave on week 3.
The only thing power or trophies does is to improve chances of getting raped by higher guilds less powerful.

You as a player/guild leader are completely powerlesseither... you take it or not is your choice.

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Posted on 5/23/16 4:05:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

All Igg wants is spending, higher guilds spend's not real, none of it...
Your importance has only a $ value.

Do I want to create a cult to murder all IGG employees and executives? Yes I do but in a moment of angst only.
I have lost friends because of GC. A good hearted kid that is "slow" and other handicapped people stuck in wheelchairs for life. I let IGG and GC influence my decisions which I regret as now I know there is no point.

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Posted on 5/26/16 12:24:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


Your contact must be incorrect,  because we have gotten Gladiators guild as opponents again just like last week. While Outlawz 1 had Nerdrage in the previous 2 gc.

Posted on 5/26/16 2:17:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

that's true ! they just do that because they want you to improve your heroes and spend more $ ! that's all... no need to be a genius ! And I won't spend a single penny anymore... if we all do that they will think twice !

Posted on 5/26/16 6:39:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

after 2x first place weeks, ill get 2nd or lower this one. got matched with rank 17 guild.  other teams were 140 and 64, i was 72 i think.

Posted on 5/27/16 2:36:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First of all I am german, so please excuse my English.
As for the german Server, the algorithm used for the GC matchup cannot be that complex, because the Top 4 guilds always get each other, and I mean ALWAYS. Thats quite bad because the results are prelimited due to the big strength differences between the top 4 guilds.

We are ranked in 3th, so If we cut down the amount of participants to < 40 we get 3 other guilds as opponents, so thats one possibility to avoid having the same opponents over and over. Since we are ranked 3th, this complex IGG algorithm now mixes 1,2,4 and 5 together, HOLY COW THATS BRILLIANT PROGRAMMING HERE!!.

The answers recited here from Live Support are obsolete because they dont have any clue of the mechanics of the game either. I am very sure that they dont use that kind of complex algorithm which W83 explained. It is very likely that they are just comparing Trophies of a given Player base (maybe Top 10 players from each guild) to make a matchup.

If they indeed use various factors like hero level, evolution and so on, they are very likely doing it by summing up. I dont believe they are comparing top 5 Heroes of each guild because it would be very difficult for a formula to differentiate between heroes. Maybe they are just summing up all Hero Levels of all epic heroes of a player. These would slightly work because better players tend to have a higher sum (higher aid levels, more aids for different game modes).

Anyway the Matchup System is bullshit. Its not fair that a guild ranked 4th place like "Warriors" on the german server never gets full rewards, while on the other hand a guild ranked 10th always gets full or nearly full rewards. So the use of some kind of determined algorithm methodics should be the way to go to make it a quite fair system.