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[Chat(Android)] Clash of Lords 2 Evolution Essences & Hero's (PLEASE HELP ME)

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Posted on 11/26/17 5:15:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys.I have uploaded an image of the different evolution essences and hero's in Clash of Lords 2.

I really hope someone can can give me a helping hand and assistance.I have already contacted Clash of Lords via a ticket through the in-game feature, but to no avail.

My problem is as follow.Im having difficulty matching the evolution essences with their hero's and I want to buy some to upgrade my hero's but I'm afraid of buying the wrong ones.I dont know maybe I'm just an idiot to not be able to correctly recognize them.

Please can you guys help me match the hero's with their correct essences.If you can just cut the image of the hero's at the bottom of the page and place them under their respective essence or even just writing the hero's name underneath each evolution essence will also be perfect.I have done the ones that i do recognize already.I am aware there is more Evolution essences than the ones in my picture but i could only find the ones i have in game events.

I do have a pdf file for the picture above but it doesn't seem like you can upload files instead of images.If its possible to upload a file please let me know how to do it.

Please guys I'll truly and greatly appreciate any help.
Kind regards

Posted on 11/27/17 2:51:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

That's looking good. However, there are some stuff in game which makes you able to see which heroes do and do not have enlightenment unlocked. Since I'm on my phone right now, I cannot upload or edit the picture in a really easy way. However, here's how the heroes are ordered of essence depicted in your picture:

Djinni, Bullhead, Arcane Caster, Great Sage, Toxic Shaman, Ambrosia, Landslide, Chiron,

Abyss Demon, Great Sage again, The Berserker, Ambrosia again, Won Ton, Pan Goli, Renee Ven, Chiron again,

Arctic Lord, Landslide again, Carol de belle, Enchantress.

You're still missing out on the following essences:
Rath, Pentheselia, Wolvenfiend, maybe I forgot some as well but these are the ones I can think of right now.
Hope this helps!
Happy clashing!

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Posted on 11/27/17 2:51:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First one is Djinni, not Skull Mage.

In this order:
Djinni, Bullhead, Arcane Caster, Great Sage, Toxic Shaman, Ambrosia, Landslide, Chiron

Abyss Demon, Great Sage, Berserker, Ambrosia, Won Ton, Pan Goli, Renee Ven, Chiron?

Artic Lord, Landslide, Carol De Belle, Enchantress

I think there are also essences for Saphyrix and Pounder.

Hope that helps, too lazy to copy and paste images :)

Posted on 11/27/17 3:57:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys.From the bottom of my heart I thank both of you Dragoneyr and peebles, you guys are seriously amazing.

Is the 1st one really djinni...I thought it's skull mage.You see what i mean i would have bought the wrong one.And the 1st one in the 2nd row is Abyss demon im waiting for 2 months now to buy his evo essence.

Guys really you have helped me tremendously.If its ok with you guys I'll place all the hero's with their respective essences and upload the image.Is it ok if i come back here if i get more essences?

I wonder why IGG couldn't just give me an answer like you guys did.I mean is it really that hard.....

Again thank you very much guys.

Posted on 11/28/17 12:11:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys.Here is my latest Essence chart I added Sapphrix I hope it's correct.In the next upload I'll remove the hero's with no enlightenment.Dont know if im gonna have another upload cause i see the game is having a database update.Not sure what that is but i hope they make it easier to see which essence goes with which hero like for example if you click and hold on a certain essence the hero name pops up.

Peebles i dont have Wolfenfiend yet but ill get him in 3 days really cant wait for that.It looks like he has a great skill.One hero i would also like to have is Landslide, man its hard for me to take out that sucker and even worse is if Chiron is paired with him.

Posted on 11/29/17 3:32:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Shapphirix is correct. There are also essences for at least Rath and Pounder.