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[Chat(Android)] Not receiving heroes/ resources back what should you do!!!

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Posted on 6/22/17 12:03:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Right, like many of you i assume. 

I'm in a very similar situation and this can all be backed up by my clans, they've seen all the SS, i would post them on here but its way to much and ill keep it simple.

I have lost in total over 20 heroes including an enlightened 16 shaman and a pisces wolvenfiend, I have gone to there live support 4 times and received three emails back. 

In each communication I have had, they have not taken a slight notice in my missing heroes and have avoided answering, if they will return them. In fact in one email they implied the 5000 compensation on the bunny event was my full compensation for my lost heroes (Some how considering the money i spent that is definitely not adequate) I'm going in loops with them and they are not helping 

so what should i do next and what should you do.

Well i just had a phone call with google support and they stated this certainly breaches there terms and they will escalate further, it could imply IGG gaining a ban from there store (This will worry igg as they will not want that) Google stated anyone who is experiencing issues and its not being resolved, should report directly to them and they can gain a bigger picture.

As a heads up, you can request a call back so it's all free. Let's all stick together and get our accounts sorted!!!

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Back to old

Posted on 6/23/17 1:59:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Sadly I don't see them ever fixing their problem. They don't really care about the community. We've all already spent out money and they just are going to enjoy it now. I've been going back and forth emailing them (I'm on IOS) about my ONE lost hero. They won't even give me my level 120 berserker back. If they won't even do that I can't imagine they give two sh its about anyone else.