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[Chat(Android)] Coliseum is crying for a change

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Posted on 4/21/17 1:16:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Okay, so the matchmaking system is a piece of crap, we all know this, im here for something else.
So, the game, or at least this part has a stupidly annoying, unbelievably frustrating mechanic that i cant stress out enough.
It is the tower. First of all, there shouldnt be any tower in coliseum at all, or if there must be, then dont be such amateurs to design it in one of the worst possible way! Let me say, that after so many years of game developing, you guys are still bad at this, which is sad.

Okay, so here is the thing. There are a few mechanics in the game - in coliseum this case - when heroes start attacking the tower when they are NOT SUPPOSED TO. Some of these situations are:
- All of your 3 heroes die at the same time. It may never happened to you, but trust me, it can happen.
- You manage to put Enchantress' resurrection on 2 heroes and they are under toxic shaman's control, you have 1 character up, it dies and your tower is the next target.
- Same as before, with 1 hero waiting for resurrection while under toxic shaman's control, 1 flying hero and 1 is dying, or 2 flying heroes.
- Some of the clones and controlled heroes may go for the tower instead of heroes.

So, if you dont have a hero who can taunt everyone or have, but not up at the given time, you have very low chance at surviving. Even if you manage to kill the heroes who attack the tower, you will sit there, making the tower take all kind of incoming damages. The funny thing is, that the stupid hero designes makes it even worse, because whats the most popular combo these days? Wolvenfiend + abyss demon + toxic shaman/ambrosia. Imagine these heroes start attacking your tower, while they control some of your heroes and you have only 1 or 2 hero up, because you are waiting to get resurrected. Good luck bursting wolvenfiend down when they are sitting at your tower in toxic shaman's cloud and abyss demon's healing.
If you have a little common sense, you can admit that it SHOULD NOT happen.
Let me tell you, personally, my tower has so shitlow hp, that it dies in like 3-4 seconds under this kind of pressure. 90% of my lost games are games, where the enemy heroes started attacking my tower. And the thing is, that i could have won most of those games and i could have turn the situation around if this system wouldnt be so poorly designed.

All in all, i think that we can all agree, that the tower is just a problem and it needs a fix. Although some might go for a "tower destroying" strategy, it is not supposed to happen.

This is my opinion, i thought i write it down, although we all know that definitions of balance and problem fixes are unknown by the developers.

Posted on 4/21/17 1:46:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

can't say i've had my tower destroyed much at all, very very rarely.
I kill others towers often tho, since I use high dmg goli etc + shamans cloud.

I would say improve ur team so all 3 of your hero not dying at once.

You can heal your tower as well with abyss demon.

If you're losing so many games due to your tower I dunno what to say hehe.

Posted on 4/21/17 2:02:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Im not here to ask for your advice. Im here to highlight a general problem. Just because it usually doesnt happen to you, doesnt mean its not a problem. Stop thinking out of your head and try to see the general, bigger picture. Primitive thinking has no place here.

Posted on 4/22/17 1:24:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I play 4 accounts, and I don't have a problem with my base getting destroyed before my heroes are killed. 
Only time my base will get blown up like that is vs some guy with maybe lvl 22+ enlightned goli etc, but those guys are usually not in my tier.
But even tho my accounts are all f2p etc, I have lvl 20 zerk aids on all.  This will prevent many one shots.  perhaps u need to do this too?

And yeah to what ntropi said, if your guys getting one shot you prob will be losing regardless.   Many of my wins I kill the first 3-6 heroes in seconds with massive bombardment skills.  The guys who survive my initial attack either OP compared to me, or my brand has failed to trigger.

If you're so fearful of the AD TS AM combo why not use that too?  I'll tell u what tho, if u  don't have zerk aids ill one shot those 3 heroes and one shot the next 3 probably, and rape ur base.

Posted on 4/22/17 3:03:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

As static as your situation currently sounds, you can try to change your line up.

This game is very dynamic with constant updates, some which harm one group of players more than others. But they have one thing in common: change. I'd try to change with it.

However, some aids simply never get old. Arctic lord on max will reduce 85% dmg for some time. Enough to stop most people from one shotting you.
Berserker aid has a similar effect for the hard one shots.
Enchantress aid will give your heroes a chance to get out of the difficult situation.
Pan Goli aid will surely not harm you either.

Advance with the game. Don't stay still on one place thinking you're done. As the queen of hearts said: keep picking up on speed, run faster, and you will stand still on your position. That's a reference that the world around you is constantly moving. Standing still there is not an option.

Good luck out there!

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Posted on 4/22/17 11:06:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree. Tower shouldn't be supposed to be killed before heroes. I don't understand why IGG decided to put a tower there. To counter flyers?

Tower being there causes some of the players trying to destroy it before the heroes as OP said. And they manage to do it. I had my tower destroyed already by 4 PGs active and 2 divines in the first seconds of battle along with 6 of my heroes (PG, RV and spell combo). And there's nothing you can do to prevent it. I guess you don't need even strong PG to do that - PG divine, TS active, WT divine should do the trick as well.

The only way to fix it i see is to remove tower, or give it 100% skill dmg reduction. Also making heroes more resistant to Brand+High Skill Dmg combo would be welcome too.

Posted on 4/22/17 2:35:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Firstly, I definitely agree with you on the matchups. I get some matchups where I will roll through the player within 15 sec and other matches where I get rolled over in the same manner. Luckily I have more of the former than the latter.
My experience with Battle Square matches is very similar.
As for the tower, I agree. Though I've not had much issues with mine dying this time I have had it happen a bit in the past. This nearly always seems to be Abyss Demon. Even if I have new heroes come out he will not take his eyes off the tower. I've always thought the tower should have extremely high dmg red that decreases as time goes on. Like in the first minute it is 95% dmg red and then drops to around 55% for the second minute and then to 0%.

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Posted on 4/22/17 2:49:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Why not complains about Arena, BS, Ancient Relics that only need to destroy towers too.
Remove all of them too? Or let them stay because no more easy wins there if tower removed? :p

Posted on 4/22/17 3:25:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The combo that is killing towers very fast at the moment, is GS/PG/Enchantress at the beginning. Start off with enchantress divine, GS divine, Enchantress active skill for the attack boost, hit stimulant team skill for another damage boost, PG and GS active skill, PG divine, PG active skill, then use the team skill that resets the hero with the lowest timer on their active skill which will be PG, hit PG active skill again. Tower is dead in the first 10 seconds of the fight.


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Posted on 4/23/17 10:17:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

ya, i agree man, the tower should either have more abilities and dmg reduction from skills or not be there, and with majority of people running pg at the start, if they add ic gs, arcitc lord they can mainly just focus on the shrine and even if you are killing their heros,if they get enough skills off that hit your shrine, you can lose. i find battle square much better so dont play coli that much. they should definatly tweak some things to make it more fun and better shrine