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[Guide] CoL2 Power Leveling/ Beast Strategy

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What are your strategies for leveling up Heroes quickly, defending your Town at various levels, and leveling up your Mercenaries and Passive Skills?

First off let me start off by saying that everyone is different and likes to play a different style of game. This thread is my personal way of playing that allows me to have fun within the game while being a competitor as well.
First things first if you are having trouble with leveling your hero then you need to spend a little money. It's isn't something that is needed to be effective but I highly recommend that you purchase a city treaty with the 1400 jewels. The purchase cost is 10$ but the payout and benefits are way worth it. After purchasing the city treaty you will then get 100 battles where you get 5 chests. This allows you to raid, raid, and raid to gain experience for your current heroes and does it more efficiently. Also on top of the daily rewards that you get with the rare and epic eggs, you will also get a coral egg everyday. Now with leveling I keep my set damage heroes at a neutral level (same level as each other) and then my tanks 5-10 levels ahead of them. With the daily rewards I would recommend that you don't just play them on every hero. I personally stack my eggs till about level 20-25 and then place that one egg on one hero. That way he grows 5-10 levels even when up to level 50. That allows me to do that with every hero, keeping them balanced but also having a steady tank while building my support. Also take advantage of ALL EVENTS, they are in place to help you succeed so use them. Use to 3x hero as much as possible, don't waste 250 jewels if all it takes is 450 for 3. And don't just trade out your current hero because you think you have a better one. This is another reason I build my eggs up to a high level so if I get a new hero I can use the egg on him and still have my other current heroes instead of just fusing the two. Common sense.

With this strategy I don't focus much on defending my base as much because I know in the end it will be an amazing base.So I slowly and steadily built it. I would say not to rush your defenses as when the heroes are unbeatable you will have all the time to build your base.The reasoning behind that is with the strategy I use above it allows me to be very effective in the Arena,Lords tournament, and Raids. I get all the gold I need from attacking others :) Utilize both the Arena and Lords everyday, as well as find a group of heroes that work together with buffs and skills.

With that being said we come to leveling mercenaries and passive skills. I personally recommend that you upgrade only the mercenaries you plan on using for a while and won't switch out. It's a good idea to upgrade your damage units mercenaries before your tanks because they will be more effective with doing damage. Engage in the Lords tournament, you get a lot of souls that way and can place them then on your mercenaries. I say get them to 11 and then move on to the next, don't try and do ten all at once. You will frustrate yourself lol Now with building passive skills, you want to get a duplicate of your current hero or someone that benefits that hero personally and just slowly grow that ability to say about 5. It will then boost the current hero to be more successful. Now with your starting 5 I personally only have one that has it's passive skill up because of the fact that it is the only one I use. Read all the heroes skills and see exactly what they do and focus on using one that will be amazing then a lot the will be great.

Thank you for reading about my personal strategy and I hope that somewhere you got a little helped or questioned answered, and I will see you all in the game

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so i noticed that the forum is being spamed with every one posting there codes and its getting to the point where i had to do something to stop this and i figured the only way to stop this is if i make a thread where every one can post there id in so people will stop spaming and just post there is here and not make the forum into just invitation codes so please post your codes here and hopefully people will use your codes and if i see more codes that are in forumsvi might delet your thread so just post it here.   Thank You For Understanding And If You Have Any Questions About This Or Dont Like This Idea Please Message Me And We Can Talk About It