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[News] 20% Bonus for Your 1st Purchase

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Posted on 4/29/14 12:15:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Within less than two months since itsrelease, Clash of Lords 2 has already hit 3,000,000 players! To thank our 3million strong for their support, we’ll be hosting a Jewel Sale! We've adjustedthe original Packages for this sale to give you an even bigger bonus!

Event Duration:

Apr 29 00:00- Apr 29 23:59 EST (GMT-5)

Event Rules:

During the event, you'll get a 20% bonus for when you buy one of each of the Jewel packages. That's Five ways to win!

Event Details:

1. Purchase any of the available 6 Jewel Packages to earn a 20% Jewel Bonus on that package.

2. Bonus only applies to the first of each Jewel Package bought.

Note:This event Bonus cannot be stacked with Bonuses from other events.

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