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[Q&A Zone] A few tips required - Aid Heroes, Talents

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Posted on 10/6/17 2:54:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Guys.

Based on your experience and knowledge, what are the best Aid Heroes and best Talents to use for following heroes to fight in the Arena and/or Coliseum:
- Berserker (180)
- Toxic Shaman (180)
- Landslide (150)
- Ambrosia (155)
- Chiron (185)

I would appreciate your answers as I'm trying really hard to squeeze as much as possible of this squad that I have now, but some of the results are still not satisfactory enough :)

Posted on 10/6/17 9:58:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

What is your current lineup? They are so many combo that work nicely. Berserker is the my favorite aids but you need 1 for each hero with skill level at 18 to be effective.

Chiron is a nice hero versus low level players in arena along with toxic shaman and Renee, sharpshooters setup. But is it not effective versus enlightenment heroes.

Depend on the your lineup, hero level, glory, evolution levels, aids, mercenaries levels... there will be different combo to achieve better results.  I made it to 3k in hero coli with only 3 heroes last few seasons. Toxic shaman lvl130, Chiron lvl130, wolf lvl120.

Posted on 10/10/17 2:00:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My lineup is:
- Berserker (180) - 3x blessed weapons 5/5, skill lvl 18, enchantment lvl6, tyrans brand 90lvl
- Toxic Shaman (180) - 3x battle fever, skill lvl 18, enchantment lvl6, thunder blade 80lvl
- Landslide (155) - 3x nimble moves, skill lvl 16, sagitarius, dragon heart 80lvl
- Ambrosia (155) - 3x battle fever, skill lvl 18, pisces, thunder blade 80
- Chiron (185) - 2x blessed weap,1x charm curtain, skill lvl 16, enchantmentlvl11, bow 80lvl

I also have all other chars but they are lower levels (120-150) and not that highly evolved like the main ones.

Posted on 10/11/17 9:09:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You have a lot of work to do.
1. Make sure all your main hero's skill are at least level 20.
2. Use essence to get ambrosia, landslide to Pisces.
3. Working enlightenment hero one by one to at least level 13 or 16. I would recommend to work on toxic shaman first. He is my favorite hero along with ambrosia. High level players use ambrosia, toxic shaman, goli enlightenment combo along with Renee. Make sure to select insight and skill level when you get a choice when enlightening. Very important to max out insight and skill level 30!
4. Don't worry too much on hero talent at this point unless you are a big spender
5. Hero aids are as important as main heroes. Make sure have right aids for each hero. It will be a big help in everywhere
6. Make sure enchant main heroes as much as possible. It makes a huge difference!
7.  You rather have a low level and glory hero but with high evolution, high skill, high level on enchant, right weapon along with strong aids. This game is all about damage! Higher HP looks good but actually mean you are dying slower.

There should keep you busy for a while. Which server are you playing in? Join a good guild also will help you a lot since most people help each other in chat or line.

Posted on 10/18/17 3:20:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks symonize, that is a very comprahensive and very helpful answer.

I will surely follow your advices as much as amount of jewels and rings allows me to :)

I have a few more questions though.

- Should I aim to lvl up my wolvenfiend and promote him as my main hero? (I've had several battles against him, he seems to be a beast, literally and figuratively)
- Should I try to maximize dmg red on Landslide and what aids I should use then? (Won Ton?)
- TS skill is dealing ATT DMG per second. This is clear. But Ambrosia skill says: deals x DMG for 6 seconds. So if damage is for example 1000, will Abrosia deal total of 1000 dmg during 6 seconds interval?
- is there any Hero with Aids that could make a use of dmg reflection?

Posted on 10/19/17 9:23:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It really depends, if you plan to enlightenment landslide, then landslide will be better than wolf.

Wolf with skill level 25, max enchant and Pisces is very useful. But high level players with all enlightenment heroes can kill him easily.

Between Ambrosia and toxic shaman, I love them both, my toxic is enlightenment level 16 n ambrosia at level 13. They never disappointed me in arena. But make sure choose insight and skill every time you can pick. Skill level 30 and max insight make a huge different.

Another game changer is Renee. Enlighten her to level 22, gain 2 divine back and skill 30 revives 2 heroes. That is crazy strong team between toxic shaman, Renee and ambosia!

Posted on 10/20/17 12:13:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You are the real expert symonize, thanks :)

I'm going to develop TS and AM for sure, as soon as possible. So far I'm out of rings and jewels, so this is what I've managed to build at the moment:

missing Ambrosia: Demon Slayer, Djinni, Abyss Demon

Posted on 10/21/17 3:59:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Arena and Coliseum mainly.

Regarding AM - I'm more and more concerned about her. I've read carefully through her skill description (deals x ATT DMG to targets and reduces HP REC for 6 seconds) and as fas as I understand that - the damage is a one-time event, only HP REC reduction lasts for 6 sec. This is much worse that TS who is consecutively dealing his DMG. Also, she seems to be nice until she get attacked (mine is 220k HP and 18k dmg) - then she simply dies within a second or two.

Regarding AD - I've seen a few of these healing themselves faster than I was able to damage with my whole team. Am I correct that good AD should have as high attack rate as possible to fully use his skill?

Nevertheless, any path that I decide to take will require a lot of jewels and rings, so it is a long journey for me, still :)