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[Q&A Zone] Help me chose heroes!

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Posted on 8/6/17 6:03:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Okay so now im using:
Abyss demon(enlighted)
Great sage(enlighted)
Pan goli(enlighted)

I have every hero with ambrosia and toxic shaman enlighted also.

I see the top players are using renee ven, enchantress, arcane caster, won ton, toxic shaman/pan goli/landslide.

Should i get my main team stronger or focus on other heroes?

Posted on 8/6/17 6:50:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Why do you have more than 5 heroes with enlightment? And which level?

You need to take a hero to level 22 of enlightment before working on another one. Otherwise it is a waste of recources. And only when your 5 heroes are upgraded you can go for other ones.

Top players are using those heroes only in defence but other layouts in different game modes. I would stick to your heroes. Forget about chiron and get toxic shaman in.

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