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[Q&A Zone] New player seeking advice

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Posted on 5/9/17 11:21:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


1.  What heroes to use?  I now have more than 5 epics, so which should I focus on?

2.  Where to invest resources?  Mercs?  Aid heroes or push main team?

3.  Start evolving a hero?  I could do Arctic Lord or Sapphirix right now, but need more mutagen for Dark Rider?  Hold off on evolving to focus on skills and mercs?

4.  What to use gems for?  I will remain f2p for the foreseeable future.  Keep saving for 10x Heroes?  Unlock more Hero storage?  Use for Talents?

Just started (on Day 3)

I'm trying to figure out where to invest resources.

Player Level 32
TH Level 6 (upgrading to 7)
Hero Halls x5 at Level 3
Gold Vaults Level 10 (max for TH6)

Dark Rider
Blitz Bomber
Arctic Lord
--all between level 60-70

Just got:
Air Elite

Purple heroes:
Shining Wizard
Pyro Pete
Armored Villain
Head Hunter
Dragon Rider
--most level 10 from campaign and used for Hero Aid

I fuse all others to keep room in Hero storage (haven't invested gems to open slots)

Dungeons: Level 64, still making steady progress
Lords League: 732 trophies
Battle Square: 105
Arena: Commander (really having trouble finding opponents who aren't double my hero levels)
Hero Trials: TH too low
Guild Modes: No guild yet

Posted on 5/10/17 2:09:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Whatever you do, this is the priority list that you MUST work on before anything else, in this order:

1: Find a guild who can help you out very quickly with more questions which you may have. Quicker responses. You will get a higher variety of answers from the forum though! (If I may suggest a guild, it would be ClashersUnited3) (duh!)
2: All hero halls to level 17 as soon as you can. There's no going around it.
Simultanously: work on getting 5 Pan Goli aids. You have no excuses not to do this once you've read his aid skill description. Once you have these 5 Pan Goli aids, get their hero skill level to 5 (aid level 3) for the optimal cost-gain ratio for now.

Once you've done this, I would advise the following:
- Get your jewels to 20 000+ or higher. Don't ever go below this line. You can get relatively easy to that point with a lot of patience. 300 jewels is what one can get per day if one does it right, which means it'd take 2 months if you do everything right.
- Work on getting Ironclad's skill and evolution (most importantly) higher up. Arctic Lord is a great tank though. So it's your call.
- Don't work on purple heroes. The only exception to this is if you love doing Battle Royale related stuff. Simply get rid of them.
- Don't work on the following epic heroes you have: Savage Chief, Air Elite, Blitz Bomber or Dark rider. They simply will not get strong enough.

I hope that this quick starting guide is enough to help you out for now!

Happy clashing!

The apprentice turns against his master
Posted on 5/10/17 12:36:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes, that is good advice ^^

I would suggest that before you try to save to 20k+ gems, only spend them on 10x hire until you have at least 2 good epics. Chiron is possibly the most common middle ground (not among the strongest, but definitely not among the weakest) epic in 10x hire, who is a great hero starting up. But since you already have Arctic Lord and Ironclad, I would not worry about this too much.

In the beginning, the quickest way for you to earn gems and level up right now is doing the solo campaign. Through that, you earn tons of exp and when you level up, you earn quite a bit of gems from the quests. Building/upgrading towers also help with exp (Only use 24hr scrolls on hero halls, town hall, and victory statues. Do not use them on anything else, for these three are the most important to upgrade and take the longest to do so)

Another quick tip is to chose abyss over renee as your epic hero reward on your 7th day. Abyss will benefit you significantly long term.

If you are looking for a guild (Which, like the other guy, I strongly recommend you do), you can join us. Minimum requirement is only 400 trophies. The guild name is Vendetta.

For heroes that do not have evolution essence yet (Like ironclad, wolvenfiend, rath, and stormrider), do not start evolving them unless you got at least 300 of their shards. With 300, you are able to get them to the gemini evolution, which is where you unlock their fortitude skill.

For heroes that do have essence, do not use your resources to evolve them.  Use your rings and souls to upgrade other things like skills, mercs, and armor. When events like Lords Gone Wild and Wishing Tree come around, you are able to spend your jewels to earn evolution essence, which will evolve select heroes with the required amount.  I suggest to not spend jewels for these events until you get enough jewels for Limited Time Trading (17k - 20k) If you wait until you have that many, you will gain a huge advantage.

Lastly, skills are very vital to this game.  Rings are actually more valuable than jewels (and mutagen is more valuable than rings).  Rings are what upgrades the skills, but do not use a lot of rings upgrading skills of heroes that will be useless to you later on (savage chief, glory priestess, hydrosaur, air elite, Dark Rider, and so on).

Anyhow, those are my suggestions for now...

If you want to ask anymore questions, add me as a friend and message me.