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[Q&A Zone] Where should I take my hero team?

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Posted on 5/8/17 9:45:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all,

Been playing CoL2 for a couple of months and been reading a bit on this forum and elsewhere for a few days. Currently I'm lvl 61 and up until now I haven't played with any particular strategy. So I figured I'd vent some of my thoughts and see what feedback I can get.

This is my current hero stable (never mind the colours):

(Yes, I'm a geek. Yes, I know I've been leveling my Mercs too much.)

For the past few weeks I've been playing with a 5 unit team consisting of Ironclad + Chiron + Savage Chief + Arcane Caster + Rath. Usually successful in Arena, moderately so in Lords' League. A pattern's emerging where they get stunned a lot. For El Dorado I've substituted Renee Ven for Arcane Caster.

I've been planning to put Renee Ven and Toxic Shaman on my default team instead of Arcane Caster + Rath. the idea is of course to have a strong Sharpshooter focus, Savage Chief being the one hero without Sharpshooters.

The problem with this strategy is Renee Ven imho. She's there to revive, but she's so squishy she's often the one who dies first.

Other thoughts:

Pan Goli - apparently a very popular hero but I'm just not seeing his greatness. Very squishy. Rarely causes me any trouble when I meet teams (of similar level) with Pan.

Savage Chief - perhaps not the best tank out there, but I got him early and his special behaviour (attacks defenses first) makes him an asset to the team.

Wizard based team - was aiming for this initially, until I discovered that most heroes with Wizards are squishy (except rath and Ambrosia).

"Crowd Control" - I appear to lack that, but not quite sure what it is...

So, any ideas, suggestions, or general reflections? Geek away..

Posted on 5/8/17 10:27:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You cant see full potential of pan goli bcz you havent upgraded his skill and got his divine. Anyway use those spare pan golis for aids and get their skill up to lvl 5(for aids) at least, for main take it as high as you can. You need to save gems for ltt and get those evolution essence. Best f2p hero is Abyss Demon because of his heal, if you dont have him get Ambrosia up or Pan Goli up. Your main team can use Savage Chief(for now) as main tank,after him you should use heroes like Ambrosia, Pan Goli, Chiron or Toxic Shaman, Ironclad or Rath. Renee only good on very high skill, divine lvl,  Won Ton is essential when you unlock his divine same goes for Enchantress. If you want Wizard team you need to get divine of Skull Mage asap and up his skill level a lot, also you need Ambrosia, Pan Goli and Rath with high lvl mercenaries. For tank you can use still Savage Chief until you get Landslide. Key to wizard teams is to activate divine of Skull Mage asap so all wizard mercenaries get caught in berserk mode, it is also a must to have Landslide divine so he stuns and removes all buffs from heroes caught in his divine stomp(it removes even pan goli aids which help you survive longer), then just fire up skull mage divine and you should win easy. Savage chief divine was made to stall just enough so you can do what you wanted, but he still can die so this makes him not much of a threat. Just work slowly and always save gems for limited time trading and right after you finish it try to see if there is at same time lords gone will or wishing tree(im sure you knew this). Hope this helped a bit.

Posted on 5/8/17 2:07:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i would suggest working on getting Skull mage divine and use a full wizard team, 
SM is cheap so it shouldn't take you much time to get his divine. this build aims at dealing the highest constant damage by buffing the wizards damage and grant them immunity, wizard team is still the best tactic in dealing the most damage in Battle Royal, so even if you have a better lineup in the future Skull Mage will have his use unlike Chiron and Savage Chief. You can use Ambrosia, Pan Goli and Rath with Skull Mage, focus in leveling Skull Mage and Ambrosia skill mostly than Pan Goli, and as for you're 5th hero it should be optional depending on the game mode for Lords League you want Arctic Lord divine, for Battle Royal and Arena you want Great Sage divine. 
ofcourse their are better lineups than this but for starters i believe this will get you the furthest and lend you more rewards.

hope this helps

Posted on 5/8/17 7:41:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

5th Hero should be Renee Ven!

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Big question is what game mode do you love the most and what game mode do you really want to get better at? There are some heroes that fit in almost all modes, so I'd recommend figuring out what game mode you really prefer and then let us know. It is, for non-spenders, to see results when working on multiple items during gameplay. As an example, a few new guys I have in the guild have started focusing on arena team building. Their next goal is a coliseum team which can draw and reuse heroes from their arena team. One is crazy about battle Royale so he is focusing only on that and has been steadily showing progress. Stuff like that. So, what game mode do you love?

Posted on 5/9/17 8:25:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I've now also managed to draw the conclusion that f2p means Free-to-Play and p2p Pay-to-Play (and not Peer-to-Peer). :D Up until now I've shelled out a fair bit of money on the game to kick-start myself, but it ends now. So I guess you could call me a f2p now.

GClash: I like all modes except Battle Square (which I still play as I think it's a neccessary evil to get stuff). If I had to make some kind of ranking I'd say Arena first, Camaign Clash second, and El Dorado and Coliseum tied for third place. But I mean, I can't do much good in Guild related battles yet so it goes without saying they're not favourites...for now. I want to build strengths on all fronts in the long run. The most logical thing(?) would be building strength where it will give the most rewards first, and build on it from there.

Other stuff:

Currently all my builders are working on getting my Heroes' Halls to lvl 17 so I can put 3 Hero aids in each, and I'll put each of my 5 Pan Golis on each one.

Not keen on using Pan Goli as main simply because he's overused (sure, for a reason). Is Won Ton a viable alternative to Pan Goli? They seem somewhat similar.

Oh, and one more thing: I also have enough shards for a Djinn. Worth boosting? I've read different opinions on him.

Oh, and even one more thing: Exactly what IS Crowd Control?

Posted on 5/9/17 9:12:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is my best guide for being strong as F2P. If you follow this, you can get strong fairly quickly. If you chase after the latest released heroes you will grow slowly and constantly be at a disadvantage with an under-developed team.

F2P Guide:
Either build Skull Mage and work on a wizard team or build Hydrasaur and work on a flyer team. Both are very easy to do as F2P, shards are easy to acquire and getting glory is easy as well. With either route, the hero should be evolved to Pisces.
Your primary focus hero for evolving with essences will be renee ven. She needs to be Pisces.

Skull Mage Route
Pisces Evolve
Max enchant the merc bonus and special tier 3 enchant.
Max wizard mercs and complementary hero mercs
Complementary heroes to use (besides RV): Ambrosia, PG, Rath. Rath can be used as a disctractor for LL and GC attacking but is fairly ineffective at staying alive. Optional distractor/tank is Arctic Lord. 
Best Aid (besides BK/PG) - Demon Slayer (for wizard heroes)
Best Equipment - Thunder Blade for skull mage, arcane tomes for wizard heroes
This route can be quite powerful for the investment in LL/GC, BR, defense

Hydrasaur Route
Pisces Evolve
Max the special tier 3 enchant.
Max flyer mercs
Complementary heroes to use (besides RV): Arcane Caster, Enchantress, Storm Rider (or Sapphirix). Storm Rider is great at high skill but hard to acquire so sapphirix can be used instead.
Best Aid (besides BK/PG) - Blockhead (for flyers)
Best Equipment - Thunder Blade for flyers
This route can be quite powerful for the investment in LL/GC, GB, BS

Both routes are good in other game modes as well such as arena, coli, HT and you should be able to perform just fine in those and still succeed.

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Posted on 5/16/17 1:55:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Another question related to my tanks: I recently got enough shards for a Pounder. Should I go for him and try to replace my lvl 112 Savage Chief as soon as possible, or should I wait for something better? I know some of Pounder's former glory has faded. I currently have about 3/4 of the neccessary shard for Bullhead and Wolvenfiend. Unfortunately I'm very low on shards for Landslide, which would have been my first choice otherwise.