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[Q&A Zone] Which hero i should invest?

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Posted on 10/6/15 11:08:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi, i have problem which hero i should invest rings and evolve. There is my team:
Pounder:142 Virgo 11/20skill 30/50lvl1 merc
AL:130 Leo 10/20skill 22/50merc
Renee:125 Cancer 9/20skill 30/50lvl1merc
Chiron:124 Gemini 14/20 skill 35/20lvl2merc
PyroPete:120 12/20skill 30/50lvl1merc
This is my lineup for arena.As aid on Pounder and in Gc, LL i swap pp for
PG:123 Gemini 14/20skill 30/50lvl1merc

I have unskilled, unlevelled:2x AD+548shars
1xLS+560shards, 1xChiron, 1xPg+1, 2k shards, 1x ambrosia

I'm free user, have 10k rings and 2.9k mutagens +ik jewels.
Please give me advice what i should to do.

Posted on 10/6/15 8:47:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Depends on what what you really want. If I were you I would get Chiron's Divine and then work on his skill to about 18 and pyro pete's skill to about level 16 since it looks like you are in an SS setup. Then I'd work on LS to get his divine if possible, but if that's too far off or you get unlucky with shards/glory, maybe Renee's divine would be good enough.

Posted on 10/7/15 3:08:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If I were in your shoes I'd level up LS and AM.  Even without devines their skills are great.  LS will self heal and draw flack off of your other heroes and AM will heal everyone, boost damage, does a fair whack of damage itself and will reduce the healing any opponent heroes caught in the blast can do for a short period.  Combined they should help your heroes last much longer in RR/LL/GC.  In GC AM's shortish (3s) cool down comes in handy during chariots devine period. 

The choice you have to make then is who to add out of PG, RV or even AD to a lineup of LS AL Chiron and AM.  RV or AD would work well along side AM & LS to make your team harder to kill.

Evo wise, you should be able to get LS to gemini which will help your defense and Chiron to Leo won't hurt either!

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Posted on 10/7/15 1:06:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The main goal is arena - reach deity for rings. I think ambrosia is too expensive for me. I thought to invest rings for LS or AD and evolve it but i'm afraid to waste my rings :C