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[Q&A Zone] Basic game questions

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Posted on 9/27/15 7:55:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have a couple questions I guess I should already know the answer to, but here goes:

∆ how is continent ranking figured is it the sum of every other ranking or..?

∆ with heroes like Landslide, can I only hope to acquire them with real $, unless I save up the 10-15 shards I'm rarely awarded (over the likely course of years)?


Posted on 9/27/15 10:37:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Your continent is determined by when you started your game so if you started when continent 45 was the last one then you would have been placed in it. That being said, if you started Col2 (played through the intro) and never played it again and came back you will be in a lower # continent than where you sit trophy wise. Ex. You're in continent 12 because you started when 12 was the last one, but trophy wise you fit better in 63.

2. Desirable heroes like LS, GS, and AMB  are obtainable through hero rolls; however, they are rare and often take large amounts of gems before getting one. So to answer your question you don't have to spend real money to get these heroes you just need the IGG gods on your side.

Posted on 9/28/15 3:58:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

To answer your 3x or 10x question I only roll 10x as it is a guaranteed epic for 1450 gems. I have seen people roll 5k+ gems all 3x and not get a single epic. As for the odds I would say rolling odds are better in the 10x as you will always get an epic hero (I often get 2 in the 10x). Technically, you could roll 100k gems all 3x and not get an epic. Also look at it this way with the new workshop you can now buy hero shards for every epic, so getting BB, AE, DR, GP from 10x isn't as bad as it used to be since you can salvage them.