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[Q&A Zone] Chiron Defense Fortitude - worthless?

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Posted on 9/22/15 7:41:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My Chiron currently has 5 glory and is evo'd to Virgo.  I have the shards (and need 136 more Mutagen) to take him to Libra.  Today I rolled another Chiron but I've not decided if I'm going to glory or shard it.  If I shard it then I just need mutagen to evo to Scorpio.  If I glory it then he's a bit stronger and in theory just need shards, mutagen and to level up to get him to Capricorn.

What is making me stop and think is do I need to rush him to Scorpio?  I recently took him off of my defensive line up to make room for AM.  Why?  Because in my experience Chiron defense was actually more of a help to me as an attacker than a hinderance.  It holds up heroes giving them time to build up rage and gave AM Fury for her Tome.  Any hp loss being made up when using AM's skill once the attack proper on the defending heroes began.  The only negative being some of your mercs get killed before your heroes are ready.

Now, is this because:

I've reached a point where my heroes make Chirons Gemini redundant and Scorpio would be a different kettle of fish


Post reflective damage nerf, Chirons fortitude is not worth anything any more and levelling up to Scorpio won't be reason enough to consider putting him back in?

What are you guys finding with Chiron on defense when attacking?

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Posted on 9/22/15 10:17:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Davey;
I am still kind of low with my team but never had an issue with Chiron Gemini that AD couldn't quickly repair and it added rage etc.... now scorpio is a different story. Not only do Chiron clones have 100% atk but the dmg reduction & HP loss are significant when you kill a clone.
If your enemy happens to atk at/near the same time it's no longer a nuisance but pretty deadly and having LS Fortitude of course is going to make things bad right away.

Also remember gemini is fairly easy to get and many users have underdeveloped Chirons. Adding Virgo & Libra will of course add much more umph to the 50% atk increase of Scorpio from Gemini. And don't forget the divine of Chiron is sure to come soon after you engage the clones. Chirons Pisces is a beast and I think a must have.

Many of the top players seem to have Chiron's @ base defense with Ambrosia but some go with GC specific fortitudes instead like DRs or PGs but Ambrosia seems to be a part of the mix always because of her distanced attacks.

On a side note I just noticed your signature, a reference to "If the kids are united"
 My first thought was 7 seconds then Angelic Upstarts and (I forgot so I had to google, old age?) then Sham 69. :)
And my old eyes then noticed you have the Ramones insignia, awesome. I saw them at least 7 times and Sham 69 happens to be playing near here this week.. I grew up 45minutes each way to NYC & Philly so we had a great punk scene, even our middle/high school dances had punk bands back in the 80s. TY for the trip down memory lane.

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Posted on 9/22/15 10:42:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

No worries!  Love the seventies/eighties punk stuff (and a lot of more recent bands).  I'm lucky enough to play bass in a punk covers band doing stuff by many acts from that era (Leave Me Alone by AU is in our encore, love that one!)  Missed out on seeing the Ramones, got into them a few years too late :(  

I hear what you say about Chiron.  I come up against Scorpio ones occaisionally (I assume they are from the level of the hero and the base) and they hit harder for sure but I'm finding them manageable. But as you say, their is %'s of increase and I guess in combo with AM and LS it could help my defense for LL.  Might just have to swap AL or RV back in for GC for the boost they give to Reapers/VS in the short term cause the attk/dmg reduction is more than a little nullified by the Allied Winds and chariot devine attk boosts.

Thanks for the points, I'll have to ponder it a bit more. I still need 114 mutagen for his Libra and then the 2200 for Scorpio, so got a while yet to make up my mind!

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Posted on 9/22/15 10:53:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hmm completly different situation than which i feel with chiron clones. No matter whether yours heroes prefer the clones yoir mercs will run to base and pull the defending heroes towards you. And you will be at low ground agaimst defendimg heroes.

sk chiron fortitude is very usefull to me although cannt compare it to ambro as i dony have any ambro.

Posted on 9/22/15 11:20:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think Chiron's fortitude evolves are worth for defense but I also have LS with his fortitude so the combo is pretty beast. Without LS it does seem to favor the attacker if they can drop heroes without aggroing the rest of the base. Worse case if you decide to evolve him and are unhappy at least it's definitely worth it for ED.

Posted on 9/22/15 11:45:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Imo Chiron fortitude isn't a problem for my heroes. Like you say it's free rage and can potentially put pan up to a 100 rage for me. I don't even have good heroes, with most being between lvl 150 - 160 and just having second str evolve so far.

I like the mercs pulling enemy heroes - it means they don't get the advantage of being on a HH for damage reduction against my pan blast and AL divine, also if they travel across the base then I fight them in the same corner as I just fought Chiron clones so well away from base def.

Too many people follow what the top players are doing without thinking about it, but these guys are playing with 3rd level fortitude which many players will never get and is way more powerful.

I like that you've rationalized the decision whether to upgrade it or not. I believe it depends if you will go further or just stick at Scorpio otherwise there are better options

Posted on 9/23/15 7:14:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Cheers Caloth, I'll take that as an awesome compliment :)

After a fair bit of thought I think I'll end up sharding him to get up to Scorpio.  I intend to take him beyond that but I already have 5 glory (enough for Capricorn) and I'm only at level 87 so I have time to roll the additional glory required beyond Capricorn and against a reasonable number of players Scorpio will help alongside AM, GS and LS geminis.  (though LS can be circumvented easily enough with the right line up).  Got a little while yet though, got at least 1500 more Mutagen to obtain first!

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