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[Q&A Zone] Guild matching system needs to be fixed

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Posted on 8/10/15 3:48:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

For the last three cycles our guild (ranked 50-60 in guild rankings by trophies) has been getting matched up with 3 teams that look like this (all three weeks have followed the below pattern)

1 Team ranked 20-29 by trophy rankings
1 Team ranked 30-39 by trophy rankings
2 guilds ranked 40-60 by trophy rankings

There were usually around the same number of players though most of the players who were participating in our guild had approximately 1000-1500 trophies but you can't blame them for wanting to actually play the game to the fullest.  One time the top 20 team in the group actually had the largest number of players which was really perverse but whatever..... there is something very wrong going on.  I assume something was changed about the matching system 3 weeks ago.  If nothing has changed, something needs to change because the above should never ever happen.

There is something very wrong with a match up system that deems the above an appropriate challenge for the respective teams involved. A team ranked 50, no matter how many gems are spent, cannot overcome the power difference of a 20th ranked team.  Conversely, a 20th ranked team has no reason to even consider investing gems to defend themselves or play offense.  Victory comes easily and with almost no effort for the top ranked team.  On one side we have impossible odds and the other side suffers from chronic boredom.  It is a system that can only end in the loss of players who give up in frustration to go play any number of similar games who do not share in the non competitive environment they find week to week.

The game needs a two fold change to correct the current guild clash match up system

One:  Match ups need to be tied very closely to overall trophy power to keep the events competitive and interesting.  Each team should have the POTENTIAL to beat the other.  That is all that should be reasonably asked in a group competition

Two:  There needs to be a generous prize increase for first and second place in guild clash events at the 1 through 30 rank battles to compensate players for the increased challenge (greater than what already exists).  This prize increase is given to compensate those guilds who rise to the challenge coming in 1st or 2nd place in a tough/competitive group.  Basically coming in 2nd place in a group of 20 ranked teams should be as lucrative as winning a lower tier group. This is not the case (we've come in 2nd place and I can tell you that the rewards are lame compared to winning in a less competitive group).

Posted on 8/10/15 5:15:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

how does your guild who has mostly players 1000-1500 trophy get rank 50-60?  do you have one or two guys with 5000 trophy?

Posted on 8/10/15 5:30:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

No, go look at the teams at that rank.  They are not as you are describing. However, at approximately rank 30 the number of trophies and the average number of trophies per player starts to greatly increase.  This is largely because we have a relatively small player base.  The top 30 ranked guilds host the large bulk of the greater than 2000 trophy players and greater than 3000 trophy players.  This quickly tapers off though below rank 30.  For example, the teams in the 39-40 rank pale in comparison to the relative power of the level 28-29 ranked guilds. 

Getting to rank 50 is very easy.  Getting a rank 50 team with a team of active players no so much.  Getting beyond rank 50 requires what you are saying:  A couple of players with large amount of trophies and then adding similar players to your ranks.  Usually you would have to "grow your own" which is a slow and boring process.