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[Q&A Zone] is gs worth it without his divine

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Posted on 7/29/15 9:48:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Recently I have been facing problems while pitted against chiron and gs divine in arena. I have a gs (at gemini) but with no glory. Gs shards are really hard to not hopingfor divine anytime current arena team
Sm lvl 16
Pan lvl 16 virgo
Chiron lvl 16 Virgo
Pounder lvl 12 Virgo
Gs lvl 10 Gemini

...i have enough shards for getting abyss to full evolve n also got three 5/5 downward winds on him...which hero shoud I invest rings on...abyss or gs

Its not like pokemon....You dont have to catch them all...!
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Posted on 7/29/15 5:34:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

What level is your abyss demon's skill? I found GS pretty much to be useless without his divine. So I guess the easy answer would be Abyss Demon if you are having trouble evolving GS.

Posted on 7/29/15 6:01:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

GS without divine is worthless even with divine he will be worthless in GC without a healer so go for AD now u'll use him almost every where and after him go for GS wait until LGW event and get shards for him.