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Posted on 6/6/15 8:20:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Q1 :  Will there be in the near future a way for us to add friends inside the game and send private messages to each other?? So far we only have Guild search and Guild talk but what hapens if we want to search  specifically for one player?

Q2 : Will all of the epic heroes eventually gain access to evolution ? Some of them look very promising based on their statistics like Blockhead Savage Chief and Chiron.

Q3 : Would you consider adding a next button inside the Arena just like you have in Lords League it would save up a lot of time loading for all of us who are searching for a good matchup. I personally think it would be a great implementation for such an important and rewarding mode of the game.

Q4 : Now for my unreasonably power playing question: Would you consider in Trading in Epic heroes for a chance for another Epic Hero? :) For instance 3 epic Heroes to be traded for one randomly selected. That should give a slight chance to higher level characters to get that final Glory for Ambrosia.

Q5 : Final and ridiculusly overpowered playing question. Please ignore this question unless you are in a good mood :D. Can we have a ridiculusly slight chance for an epic hero with or probably without evolution in Campaign Clash in the very final Battle?

Thank you for your patience for reading my questions. Please respond only to those that you find reasonable.
If you are a user please comment and like or dislike if you find all or any questions in this post to your liking.

If it is wrong we will change it.
Posted on 6/6/15 9:45:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

you need to ask that to the Live support

maybe in the feature yeah you see that every update will get a new evolution!

it will be hard to get that because other you will only get front bases without paid any gold xD
(maybe i misunderstand your question)

trading with who?
if you mean players you can boost epics but with like an event its a great idea!

i don't understand sorry!

Everyone hates me!
Posted on 6/7/15 6:15:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

isaacwarrior01 About Q3 i agree with you that there should also be a reset button that you pay the required gold as well as a next button inside the arena just as it is in Lords League. It takes too much time to load every time you choose an opponent.

About Q4 Trade with the game itself like reclying your unwanted epic Heroes. You sacrifice 3 epic heroes and the game would give you one at random. Also its not a bad idea to trade epic heroes with other players as you are implying isaacwarrior01

Finally Q5 Everyday we get one try for campaign clash where we choose up to 15 heroes after each battle all the remaining heroes replenish 15% of their HP. My suggestion was that the very last Horned treasure chest where the third and final shop becomes availlable should give us a minimal chance for one epic Hero. So everyday with some hard work involved we would have one chance for one epic Hero.

Additionally I would like to suggest to balance the shops in Campaign Clash. I think that 3 items should be bought with gold and the other 3 with gems in every shop.

If it is wrong we will change it.