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[[Event] Strategies & Tips] holiday story time

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Posted on 12/31/16 11:46:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It's christmas time. Everyone was busy preparing the townhall ready for the evening party. But since it was sunday, first half of the day was very crucial since enemies might come and destroy their preparation. So landslide, wolvenfiend, ambrosia, pangoli and djinni were in charge to protect their townhall. Hours passed and no one attacked. Last 15 minutes were remaining and an enemy landslide entered their territory. Fiery ambrosia started attacking from near the townhall. Soon more four heroes entered. They were all wizards accompanied heroes. Skull mage, pangoli, ambrosia and rath. Sniper towers wasted the wizards immunity time. His landslide was still alive. He was equiped with a golden dragon heart. Every defensive hero were dealing with landslide. Meanwhile his other heroes and wizards were busy destroying the building. They almost reached the townhall when djinni used his skill thrice and killed three enemy heroes. Wizards already lost their immunity so ambrosia killed all the wizards. The enemy rath was still alive and almost destroyed the townhall when the defending pangoli used his divine and then skill to kill him. Finally their townhall was safe for chritmas celebration and carol d belle appeared in her glorious look from the townhall.
The first half of the day was over and now there would be no more attacks now. So it was a half day holiday and the hardworking defending heroes went near the townhall. Wolvenfiend was severly injured but when he saw his crush CarolD Belle, all his pain was gone. Wolvenfiend then received some healing from glory priestess who just came out for treatment of injured heroes. They all then entered the townhall. Everyone inside were in a happy mood. Attacker landslide along with his best buddy abyss demon were having some drinks. Actually they were in a drinking competition. Abyss won finally. CarolDBelle started singing Christmas carols and Wolvenfiend couldn't stop looking at her.