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[[Event] Strategies & Tips] [Event] Strategies & Tips] Holiday Story Time! The Story of the Strategies

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Posted on 12/31/16 10:28:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Not So happy Holidays

         Here comes the time of year when People are full of joy and plan to have wonderful holidays, planning on spending time with each other and having a blast. Some don't have it as easy, sadly. The pain comes back every year during this specific Holiday. The day Abyss Demon Lost everyone because of his Thirst for blood. He spends his holidays from that point on alone especially Christmas. He goes on worrying if he can controls himself or if the whole incident  while occur again. His best Friend Ambrosia tries her best to tell him its OK and that she's there for him. Abyss Demon Thanks her and tries to remain calm. 

         Ambrosia and Abyss Demon pack up there stuff and get ready to travel to their destination. While on the Plane Ride. Abyss Demon stares outside the window, thinking if he was able to behave this year and not cause any problems. Thankfully he has Ambrosia with him to stop him if anything happens. (Couple hours later). They arrived at Pan Goli's House and were welcomed in. Abyss Demon and Ambrosia approached and were greeted by their friends, Enchantress, Glory Priestess, Chiron, and The Beserker.  They spent the night there talking about stories and great memories about their lives. Abyss Demon did not speak at all. Ambrosia encourage him to tell a story. He started to get worried and panicked leaving the house for a while. Everyone was a bit worried about him and had known what he had caused before. So they all decided to scrap up a gift and see if he would feel a bit more welcomed. They all walked up together at him and handed him a Present. They said that they wanted to save it for later but that they felt it might make him feel Better. Abyss Demon entered the house again and sat down. He began to open the box and knew what it was in seconds. He was extremely excited, he took it out completely out the box and behold. An Orange Level 200 Thunder Blade. He was shocked and happy at the same time. He can finally replace his level 115 Purple blade. He was so joyful he said Thank you. Everyone looked at each other and smiled. The Beserker said, enjoy it but please don't use that in here.(Giggling nervously). They spent the night watching Christmas movies and eating junk food. They all had a blast this year and were thrilled. Everyone went to sleep while Ambrosia and Abyss Demon got ready to pack up and leave.  Merry Xmas Everyone!

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