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[[Event] Strategies & Tips] Holiday Story Time!

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Posted on 12/31/16 7:26:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In the meeting room, 3 developers are talking seriously about the main update of COL2 game for 2017.
This is the big issue and must not be disclosed to any players.  No one knows that Snifferoos are sleeping
on the ceiling….

Dev. 2 : Yeah, many players love to hear about this.
Dev. 3 : psst, quiet please.  This should be heard by no one.
Dev. 2 : Hmm, come on. No other person among us.
Dev. 1 : (clap 3 times) Thanks everyone. Shall we go?

(Snifferoos : hehe, you are wrong, Dev.2)
In the Town Hall…
Pan Goli : Is it true?, Sniff.  No new heroes for the new year to come?
Snifferoos : Hmm.
Pan Goli : I can infiltrate into any sniper towers, unbelievable!
Snifferoos :  Yeah. Moreover, you can switch to another tower when the one is destroyed. Once infiltrate, you are invisible and all sniper towers’ shooting  power  can be boosted. Also releasing your skill is seamlessly. The total hp is tower hp plus your hp.
Ironclad : Sniff, you had a day dream or got drunk? If not, it means my hard work for 2017!
Snifferoos : Ahh (rub the hands), I’m not sure now. I just remember that I drank a lot and fell asleep. I heard Dev.1 clapping his hands and then coming my mindfullness.
Pan Goli : Poor Sniff.
Ironclad : Sigh!

Player (medium fish) : Who cares. I can destroy em all anyway!
Player (win win) : making a wish...let it be.
Player (maximus) : oh baby go.
Player (static) : can't stand still.

so once was i