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[[Event] Strategies & Tips] Christmas story - Holiday Story Time

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Posted on 12/29/16 10:15:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It was a snowy, winter christmas day in the Heroes Village. As every time at this special time of the year, heroes were exempted from defending the village and could spend their time with their closest friends, singing carols, eating, drinking and watching TV.

But this christmas were going to be different than the previous ones, because Carol d'Belle hadn't arrived with the presents yet. Everyone was depressed, lots of villagers were thinking about committing suicide. Pan Goli couldn't look at all this sadness and despair, so he decided to conduct a rescue mission in order to find Carol and bring her (and presents) to the village. He formed the team of the best, the strongest heroes and most experienced heroes and named it the PG team, abbreviation from "Presents Gathering", as he said. The team consisted of Abyss Demon, Landslide, Chiron and Pan Goli himself.

They marched out from the village at 12.05 village time on Sunday, The First Christmas Day, soon after finishing their LL and Arena entries. They firstly headed to the north, where Carol was believed to live. They knew they don't have much time, after all they had to find Carol before the christmas are over, so they decided to split up to speed up the search. Pan Goli was meant to go the north, Chiron to the west, Abyss Demon to the east. Landslide was ordered to stay near the village and watch if maybe Carol isn't coming, and when she does, inform the rest of the team about that by teleporting to each of them. After hours of searching, resigned seekers decided to come back to the place where they left Landslide, to see if maybe he found something, but knowing him and his perception skills well, they were very doubtful about it.

When the whole PG team gathered together, Pan Goli asked Landslide if he maybe saw something worth mentioning.
-No sign of Carol - he answered gloomily. -But few hours ago I saw some pretty girl with few snowmen and yetis carrying big bags walking towards the village. There was something in her that aroused my suspicions, so i decided to capture her and keep until you guys come back. That something in her look makes me think that she ate our Carol boys!
-Well done Landslide, looks like we were underestimating you - said Pan Goli, ignoring the part about eating Carol. "Unbelievable, Landslide might have found the trace of Carol" he thought.
-Where is she now? - asked Abyss, excited.
-Tied in the cavern right over there - said Landslide, pointing to the dark cavern near them.
-And what about the snowmen and yetis you mentioned? - asked Chiron, curious. - How did you deal with them?
-I killed them all with my lv 5 Stomp - Landslide answered proudly. -Firstly, I...
-Ok you will tell us later - interrupted Pan Goli. -Let's interrogate her.

Heroes entered the cavern and immediately stopped, seeing the girl Landslide was talking about.
-Oh my God - they exclaimed together.
-You captured Carol you stupid! - Pan Goli screamed at poor Landlide.
-It's not Carol - answered Landslide, wounded. -Carol doesn't look that pretty.
-Didn't you know she was enlightened lately? - asked incredulously Abyss.
-No. Was she? - he asked surprised.
-Yes, idiot, in the same update as you! - shouted Chiron. -What are we gonna do now?
-Let's release her in the first place, maybe she will forgive Landslide - said Pan Goli, worried there will be no presents.
-It's alright - said Carol, laughing. -Everyone makes mistakes, and if Landslide says I'm pretty, I'll sure forgive him.
-Thank you! - exclaimed Landslide, finally seeing it's really Carol.
-And where are my Snowies and Yetis? - asked Carol.
-Oh, there are right over there, figh... ehm playing with my minislides, I'll go bring them here - said Landlide, embarassed, quickly leaving the cavern.
-One more thing Carol, what took you so long that you couldn't arrive to our village on time? - asked Abyss.
-Ah, few of my Flyers pulling my sleigh got ill yesterday, i think they drank too much... cola on Christmas Eve - answered Carol, amused. -Thank God I got enlightment lately, without my Yetis and Snowies i think I wouldn't be able to deliver presents at all!
-Yeah thank God - murmured Pan Goli, thinking Landslide did at least one good thing not killing them as he claimed.
-And while we are on this topic: there is one more thing i am troubled about - he added carefully. -What about them? The presents?
Carol laughed in answer, and so did the rest of the heroes, happy the christmas have finally come.