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[Chat (WP)] My Strategy in BattleRoyal

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Posted on 11/27/16 8:42:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In Battle Royal, the damage is based on the mercenary of the heroes.


There are two setup you can choose:

- wizard team (based on Skull Mage)

- sharpshooter team (based on Chiron and Pyro Pete)


Here I'll write about the first one.


The wizard team


You must have the Skull Mage (SM) to use this build, becouse of his skill and divine:
Active Skill (20): Increases ATK by 364 and ATK Rate by 60% for Hero and their Wizards for 15s. Costs 1 Rage.

Divine Skill (3):  Returns full HP to Hero and all Wizard mercenaries. Also grants immunity to attacks, increases DMG by 60%, ATK Rate by 50%, and SPD by 100% for 15 secs.


This build is based on Wizard, so heroes that have wizard as mercs (SM, Ambrosia, PanGoli, Rath, GloryPriestess), so higher the level of mercs, higher will be the damage !!!

(I think level 35 mercs is enough to start).




I personally don't have Rath, so I use PanGoli, Ambrosia and (of course) SkullMage. If you have other wizard heroes (Rath, Glory Priestess) you can use them !

The other two heroes are your choice, but I think a LandSlide could be usefull (he's a tank and his skill recovers hp, reduce DMG taken and pull heroes, for example your hero target).

The last hero I use changes depending of the stage:

- in the first 10 stages, I use TheBerserker and the GloryPriestess instead of LansSlide

- in the 11-15 I use TheBerserker and the LS

- in the last 4 stage I use LandSlide (to pull the target hero) and the GreatSage (to lock the target's skill)

[GreatSage: use his active skill as soon as possible, then use SM skill and other if you want; when the lock is gone, use GS divine skill, and then his main skill again. When the lock will be over, use divine stomp (of LS) and BRSK skill (or PG skill if you are in the last stages) to stun the  target while GS active skill is reloading, and then skill GS again. If you do it correctly, the target will stay locked and it won't skill, so you can do DMG for a long time !!]

[TIP: if you have a ReneeVen Pisces, you can use her to recover SkullMage divine skill !!]



- on the wizard heroes: BlitzBomber (increase ATK of deployed hero mercs), DemonSlayer (increase number of troops under the deployed hero), ShiningWizard (Add wizard mercenary under deployed Hero)

- on LandSlide: WontTon (increase dodge rate, if you don't have a good one, you can use Artic Lord), Enchantress (to heal when hitted), PanGoli (for immortality)

- on GS / BRSK: PanGoli (immortality),  Enchantress (if you don't have two, you can use an higher level hero, to increase main hero’s HP), Berserker (or Artic Lord).



- on the wizard heroes: don't use the ThunderBlade, if you don't want to pull other heroes. Use instead Arcane Tome or Demoniac Axe. It’s better the tome (it increase the ATK of the mercs).

- on the other two heroes: don’t use ThunderBlade, but use the DragonHeart (gives HP and dodge rate so the could heal themselves while dodging).


Here it is my Guide to do great damage in BR !

Let me know what do you think about !


Details for the event (What's your strategy ?):

Platform: Windows Phone

IGG ID: 264522410
Evolution Essences: Great Sage


Platform: Windows Phone
Nicknake: TheGhost
Posted on 12/2/16 4:59:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice work, the greatest ghost. It's a good strategy for those that are f2p and for those that are just starting out. But you didn't mention talents, aw spells and ranged attack. First off, maxing out the ranged attack is important. 2nd, AW spells are important as well. Lastly, talents for all of the heroes with wizards could be 3x3 AOW. I say could because ppl have different views on that. I personally use 3x3 aow. It's an extra 9 wizards per hero but I'm sacrificing potential attack power for my hero itself.

In regards to the heroes used, lvls 1-12 can be done as a 1 shot with all those things I mentioned at max, 50/5/5 mercs, and 5 wizards or 4 wizards and rv pisces.

Ls is not the best hero to use. Berz as tank, 3 wiz and rv. Or berz, gs, 3 wizards. For example, in the stage demonhorde, I can kill the rv boss in 1 shot with berz, rv, and 3 wizards. Hope this helps you.

Posted on 12/2/16 8:10:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If anyone would like to improve on FearMe's guide, would be great:

It's the best BR guide on the forum, would be nice to keep it up to date.